Monday, November 10, 2008

Do You Like It?

So, do you like my newly designed page?? Isn't it precious? I LOVE it!! Im spending this long evening searching thru Christian Book distributor and made a small purchase. Emma and Hannah needed new spelling and grammar books. I can't wait! They should arrive by thursday. CBD has some great deals on history books and all home schooling resources. I might just have to go back and purchase some books on the Pledge of Allegiance. (to me thats very interesting) I also plan on browsing the Christian Family Store this thursday evening. Emma has 2 nights of drama practice which equals 2 nights of pure alone time. I need to use every second wisely...
 Im currently searching for an old set of encyclopedias. I prefer books over internet as I believe reading and researching on paper provides more knowledge than typing on a keyboard. Plus when having Hannah try to find a god source for Salt water... the results were beyond pitiful. So if you happen to have a set collecting dust and taking up space, give me a yell and I will be right over =)
 Im off to bed now, my mail lady was so kind as to deliver one of my homeschooling magazines today... Above Rubies. I can't wait to lay in bed and read it while Jason watches the history channel (No really, he loves it)
 Have a great night and comment your thoughts on my new pretty page!!

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  1. Looking through your old posts. I too love this magazine and get it too. How far apart are your children?



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