Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ramblings of A Mad Lady...

Here I am, a very happy Lady blowing kisses at the camera while drinking coffee. My computer screen up and running. How grand life seems!!! Things have changed a bit since then. My hair is longer, my kitchen is redder and MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN!!! Yes, I know what your thinking..."how are you blogging if your computer is broken..blah blah bah..." Its just beyond slow. Surfing is more like crawling and I take frequent naps in between pages. Jason has been on the phone with at&t daily... a.k.a India.. They try to fool you with common names like Joe or Jenny... Yeah ok, we buy that. Finally we have a technician coming today between the hours of 12 a.m and 12 p.m. with a "no guarantee..." of actually showing. Great.
 I try to occupy my time by cleaning the house, playing with the kids and dusting my lovely,lonely apple computer.
 I guess with the fallen economy and layoffs of every sort, I could be stressing about a lot worse...
 On a lighter note. Monday is here yet again. Jason is back at work and its time for more school. Excitement has entered the air in our home. We can now finally say that Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks. Jason starts vacation in 2 weeks and the kids get a week off of two weeks!! Menu's are being finalized, hands are pouring in and discussions are being had as to how to arrange the bountiful meal. Activities will be picking up shortly. Cooking/freezing will begin and by weeks end I will finish the holiday food shopping.
 Dear hubby and I have still not come to an agreement on the size of our turkey. Im thinking logical and oven size and J is just thinking of LEFTOVERS!!! We invited another family to our table and really hope they take us up on the offer. The more the merrier is our philosophy.
 The girls are finishing up their Mayflower Unit study and are really getting a grasp on how tough life was for those sacred people.
 I have tons of pictures to upload but will not be able to until my internet is functioning a little better. So, hang in there and check back. I have tons more to blog about...


  1. yay hope it gets all fixed, do you have lots of family coming for Thanksgiving?

  2. ok i had to add I love the new poc at the top and background!



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