Wednesday, November 5, 2008


WOW!!! What a crazy 24 hours this has been. Im sure our family was not the only one glued to the television or on the phone with friends and family all night. This election was a grave disappointment for many. For others it was a cause for celebration, a night of rejoicing, dancing and hope for a new America.
 My heart was maddened last night, then saddened. I ended the night in prayer and woke to find myself still feeling the same. Contemplating my many many thoughts I have decided to take the road less traveled. I have always had the philosophy that I may not like everything about the Man elected to run our country, but being raised correctly, I will stand behind him. I will not support the many issues he will pass but he is our leader and has "won" my respect. 
 I had two choices yesterday. I could lose hope. Lose hope for all those little souls never to see the light of day,lose hope for any morality our country may still have or lose hope for our future... BUT I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future...and its not the man we now call President-Elect.
 I don't hold out in hopes the right decisions were made. I don't hold out hope the president-elect will save this country from a fallen economy and I surely don't hold out hope that he will turn this country around for the better. My hope does not lie in man and what he can or can't do. My hope is in the Lord. I rejoice in the fact that God still is in control. Nothing happens without His approval. So, with that being said I will go to church tonight and rejoice. My soul will sing because I know who holds MY future.My heart will smile because no matter how this country turns out I know I am one of God's children. I will be taken care of. I will walk in peace knowing my time on this earth is as fleeting as the wind. I am just passing thru. I wait in expectation for eternity where God will reign forevermore. I will sleep in peace knowing the blood of those babies are not on my  hands. I will laugh in the face of "danger" because I know the final outcome. I have nothing to fear, my eternity is already written.How does your eternity look?
 So I will not focus my thoughts on what will happen to this country. I focus on the upcoming holidays. I have so much to be Thankful for. I have so much to look forward to and so much ahead...


  1. that was awesome and well put Amy!

  2. I'm with you Amy. I started typing a long winded response for you, but decided to put it on my own blog :) It is going to be okay.



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