Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis The Season...

Thanksgiving is over, after two days of eating until I popped Im ready to put up that Christmas tree and celebrate the season. This past week was wonderful! Family drove down and flew down to share Thanksgiving in our little red house.Wednesday was spent in the kitchen baking,cooking and prepping. We even had the kids involved...mixing the dips,making the brownies (something my girls specialize in) and eating all the apple peels. 7 pies were made (im serious) a slew of appetizers and main dishes that would make the best chefs jealous. We ate and ate and laughed and ate. Our friend Leah and her family joined us (a.k.a. DiscoDiva) to help us eat all the sweets, her kids enjoyed playing guitar hero in the garage and Wii which was set up in the living room. Good times were had, coffee was partaken in and by the end of the night only 1 child threw up due to over indulgence. (Poor Emma) I would love to say that the next day was different, but it wasn't. We had french toast for breakfast from the leftover Challah bread, pie for lunch and turkey for snack. Dinner was tough. We were all fat and lazy and not wanting to dirty the kitchen yet again so off we went to Chili's in Greenville. I had the most yummy burger bites with onion straws and all the fried onions from hubby's sizzling fajitas. I have two beautiful bites left in my fridge that im saving for tonight.
 I went to Sams the other day and found awesome Betsey Johnson pj's for only $12!!! They are super pink and floral-y... just like her designs are. Did I tell you how comfortable they are? Did I?(lol a little inside joke) So tonight I will sit on the couch, eat my burgers and laugh my belly off watching the office.
 We skipped black Friday madness much to my sadness. The only store I attempted was Hobby Lobby where I bought some Christmas decorations,a beautiful sign for my bedroom and the beginnings of my Christmas fireplace mantel. I will post pictures of my glittery Christmas swag as soon as my camera decides to work again. :(
 We will celebrate our very first Christmas in our new little Red House and I can't wait. Im determined to make this the best Christmas south of the Mason Dixon line!!

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