Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Love For My Neighborhood...

I love my neighborhood. I really do. Its quiet, safe and has a nice pool that we splash in all summer. I don't however like the people that run our HOA. For those of you not in a private neighborhood, an HOA stands for HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION. Its around for "our protection." To keep property value up up up. Make sure lawns are cut, people are quiet and man made power driven laws are kept. 
 Every day the HOA president's wife walks her 2 ratty Jack Russell terriers around the neighborhood to kindly let them poop and pee on everyones lawns and sniff all the flowers around my mailbox so their snot can kill the delicate petals. Those dogs don't need the exercise, she strictly walks them to spy on the neighbors and makes sure everyones house is up to her approval. On cold rainy days she drives up and down staring around as if things could drastically change in 24 hours.
 On halloween we all got little notices with hours to trick or treat and how to drive down the street. 
 The list goes on and on.
 In true Gapgirl fashion I let my kids run amuck up and down the streets in the dark... past 8:30. I half expected the neighborhood Mayor and his wife to jump out of the bushes and spank us. The other half of me wanted him to come out so I could tell him a few things that I had running thru my head.
 We have not gotten any notices in a while... Jason is waiting but I am thinking of making one of my own to kindly remind them that dogs don't belong on our lawn. I will tape it to the mailbox where she will read it and then slip a notice to me telling me the covenants do not allow notes on the lawns.
 Jason just wants to cover our pretty flowers in rat poison... after all spring will come again and wal-mart always has a beautiful selection.
 I know I know, thats not very good Christian behavior. Im working on it, be patient. After all being a christian does not mean your perfect.... But just forgiven ;).

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