Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ode To A Christmas Card...

Today before Home school started I decided to take our annual christmas card picture.Jason bought our beautiful cards 2 weeks ago at Family Christian stores and they are beautiful! Everyone was dressed in red,the fireplace was lit and the attempt was made. I have 50 more shots like this downloaded into my computer and I don't think I can use any of them. Crabby-Abby was put down for a nap, the little ones are resting on my bed watching tv and the older girls are at the table practicing their spelling. After full bellies and bribes I will take another 50 pictures in hopes to get that golden million dollar shot...then off to the mailbox they will go to your front door. Thats what I hope for but this is what happens when you have 5 kids and a dream...


  1. Ha, ha! So funny! Charge up the camera battery, I know you can still get the perfect shot! ~ Awe, patience is a virtue!

  2. awww I hope you get one that works! I am taking mine to portrait innovations Sat so I hope we get a good one there depends on Miss Lilah ;)



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