Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gordon Must DIIEEE!!!

The first picture is Gordon... and we have all decided that Gordon must die!!! 3 days ago daddy surprised us with coming home with more fishes for the tank, as per my previous posts, 2 out of the three fish died and poor baby Thomas was left all alone in a big big new world. Well monday afternoon that all changed. With excitement and plenty of squeals we followed daddy upstairs and watched as 2 new fish entered our world. Thomas was SOOO happy. He swam out of his place of hiding and greeted the other yellow tailed fish (newly named Elmo) with fish hugs and kisses. They became besties and swam all over together. The other larger fish was named Gordon and was beating up on elmo. We thought it was due to the stress of the new tank and being in a very small plastic bag for hours. Gordon even turned BLACK because he was so angry.
The tank turned ugly last night. We had all just come home from a night of fun! We went Christmas tree shopping, singing carols and were full of excitement. I ran upstairs to the hall to rummage thru the boxes of holiday decor to find the tree stand. A Mothers intuition told me to just peek into Noahs room and eye the fish. I was so glad I did. Gordon forgot his nice pill and was viciously attacking a dying Thomas. That little poor T hardly had any fight left. He just sank to the bottom of the tank. He would gather enough strength to slowly try and swim around but then Gordon would shoot across the tank and start attacking him again. Right before my eyes he was losing his fight. I felt so helpless. I started shouting profanities at that mean ogre. I called for Jason who ran upstairs, I didn't want the kids to see a half eaten fish. Jason said a few choice words himself and quickly shoved his hand in the tank and scooped poor Thomas away. He is now is Fish heaven with James and Percy where no Gordons are allowed to enter!!!
This morning Emma and I watched as Gordon systematically began picking on Elmo. I banged on the tank but calmly told Emma there is nothing I can do, I can't stay here all day banging on the glass everytime they swim too close. In this case nature has to take its course and we will take it from there. Its a tough lesson for my 5 babies who all have such soft hearts. I will keep you updated on our fish-conditions. In the meantime I have to go plan dinner... we are havin a southern fish fry...oopps, I mean chicken fry, yeah thats right... a "chicken" fry...


  1. This is such a sad tale. Please don't give up. I had many fish who just disappeared in the night. But with time I know have a group who play nice. I loved the Elf card.
    Roberta Anne

  2. I will wear black tomorrow to honor my fishnephew who did not survive the brutal attack. Put remember, "behind the rock" is a magical place...

  3. Ahhh, sounds like Daddy picked out a bully fish! We had some of those, never fun.

    I do love that they are all Thomas names, and Gordon is pretty pushy on the show!



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