Sunday, December 7, 2008


For above the cabinets
For Molly and Abby-girl's room
For the downstairs powder room
The downstairs powder room

It has finally happened. Jason has banned me from Hobby Lobby. I have become a regular... almost every day and always come out with my hands full and my wallet empty. I can't help myself... its a bad habit, an addiction, a must... and my home looks so wonderful because of it!!! Well, he usually does not ban me from much and the ban usually lasts just a few days... or until he forgets, opps I mean I forget and wander back in for more pretty must haves.
I was sad, heartbroken and lonely. Emma was in drama practice. The ONE night I get to go out by myself, without the kids, like a grown-up. Sigh, the night was cold as I wandered up and down the sidewalks. My head held low and I think I felt a tear fall down my cheek. All of a sudden a bright light shone in my face. My head quickly lifted up, I was blinded by the white pure light. I could not make out what I saw but I knew it was heavenly. All of a sudden doors swung open and I was magically drawn in. I heard an angelic voice welcome me through the gates. Sweet music sang from above my head... Thats all I remember. The rest was a blur. All I know was that I must have been in heaven. I was surrounded by sparkles and lace. The air smelled sweet , just like a garden on a spring day. I seemed to have lost all track of time as I floated around. My feet hardly touched the ground. Next thing I knew I was back out on the dark sidewalk. The air felt cold and cars whizzed past me. It took me a second to come to my senses. When I did, I noticed my hand contained packages... many packages. Pretty vases with chickens on them, Pink frilly jewelry holders and a soap dispenser. Hmmm how odd? I looked at the piece of paper that fell out of the bag... it said "Thank you for shopping at HomeGoods..."
Wow, HomeGoods? Jason said no Hobby Lobby but he said NOTHING about HomeGoods... Perfect! My home still is so bare and needs so much...Only 4 more days till Emma has drama practice again=)

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  1. lol love all of your new stuff it is so fun decorating your house I swore I would never bring Mark to Kirklands with me ever again the first time he went there we left with a new vanity for the half bath!



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