Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Fun...

So, last night we embarked on a night on the town to have some holiday fun. Greenville is brimming with lights of all shapes and sizes... or so the websites say. We bundled up the kids, packed the van and began our adventure. First stop, Roper Mountain for their holiday light show. Cars are always lined up the street for this, so we had to partake. Upon arrival a very cold woman met us at the car door and asked us for an insane amount of money. I kindly reminded her that even though we have a big van, we only have 5 kids... our kids and are not part of an organization... but that didn't work. We still had to pay the organizers fee . Grrr, I was mad. I knew the twerpy mini-van behind me paid the smaller amount.
 Anyway, I didn't want this to ruin our night. We tuned the radio to Christmas tunes and began our drive-thru journey. The kids Oohhhed- and ahhed. Molly's OCD kicked in and kept asking where the movie was? Movie??? Where did she get the idea that we were here to watch a movie? We told her that this was just a light show and there was no movie. Unfortunately that did not stop her. Thru the candy cane forest she asked..."Is this the movie?", As we entered candy land..." Wheres the movie?? I can't see it?" As we got to the top of the mountain to the big north star..." I can't see the movie...?" Each time she asked we lost a little of our patience... right there on the van floor. Finally as we were exiting the park my husband lost it. We heard her little voice say..." But dad, we didn't see the movie...?""
 "ENOUGH... THERE IS NO MOVIE!!!!." I reminded him to breath and we drove off. Next stop. Downtown to check out what they had. We were not stopping as it was freezing and a Friday night. We just wanted to survey the scene so we could come back next week. It was beautiful. They had Christmas trees and twinkling lights at every turn. They captured the magic of Christmas right there on Main Street. The horse and buggy had wreaths and christmas blankets. The trolley had pretty lights and Christmas cheer. 
 We all got excited about next week and headed home. As we hit 385 we heard a voice coming from the back of the van ask... "Is this where we see the movie?...."
 Jason turned flaming red.... the rest is history.


  1. OK... I know you had to live through it but from my just reading it I was rolling on the floor. I will never go see Christmas lights without thinking "Where is the movie"
    Thanks for a fun visit.
    Roberta Anne

  2. Ha, ha that's so funny! Kids crack me up!



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