Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Junk In My Trunk...

"Joyful is a day at the flea market finding treasures and having a man by my side to carry them." ~ Maggie

This weekend im hoping to go "Junkin!" I can't wait!! What's Junkin you ask? Well its garage sale-in, flea marketing (the real flea markets...) antiquing ... do you get the picture? On the way home from work one day Jason came across this cool outdoor flea market and this weekend ... if its open... we are going. Yippie! Im looking for all sorts of cool old things I can restore and make into something beautiful.
Back in the 90's when we were living down south I went junking and found these beautiful old orange funky lamps and I just HAD to have them. I brought them home and showed Jason. He could not see the beauty in them but I did. 1 can of spray paint, some gold paint a little re-wiring and one ruined front porch...(long story) Voila! BEAUTIFUL bedside lamps with frilly new victorian shades. I still have those puppies and they remind me of my first junking project. Im not really looking to find furniture this weekend. Just pretty teacups and tea pots. I want to build up my collection. I have a few stored in the garage and Im slowly unpacking them. They are so dainty and cute. I need to find the perfect spot to display them!
Anyway, I will be sure to bring along my trusty camera and let you know what we find!

(Photos courtesy of one very pretty Lady who loves Polk-a-dots)

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