Friday, December 19, 2008

I Have To Blog...

Thats exactly what I JUST said to myself while goofing off on the computer instead of wrapping mounds of Christmas gifts stacked in my closet. My walk-in closet is a walk-in no more. Sniff sniff. Its hard to believe that this time next week the magical season will be over. My tree will be officially crunchy, 40% of all toys will be lost,broken or missing some important piece and all my kids will be making exciting birthday plans in hopes of getting even more presents.
  Life in our home has been interesting to say the least. We have been busy preparing for the season. The kids bought all of their "secret santa" presents and today they were wrapped and put under the tree. My poor kids, they are dying to open all the gifts. They keep asking if they can exchange and I keep telling them no. Every year we do a grab bag to decide who buys for who... with 5 kids it would get to crazy for my brain to handle each and every one buying for each sibling so, they are encouraged to make as many gifts as they want and buy a store bought gift for whoevers name they pull out of the Santa hat. Of coarse its "rigged" and every year Molly gets Abby because Molly gets too excited and has to tell right away who she got and what she bought. Abby is the safe zone, still too little to understand or care... and Molly still has not asked why she keeps getting Abby every year. Whew!
 Today we did a "homeschool" project. We gathered on the front lawn and tried to assemble Christmas lights on our little tree in the front yard. We untangled cords, found extension cords, tried to fix broken lights and even had problem solving techniques...(thanks to mom putting all the lights on BACKWARDS and having to figure out how to plug them in. Grrr) All in all the end result was beauty. When the sun went to sleep and the lights are on, it looks oh so pretty. Even Jason commented on how nice it is. Ahhh
 Our social activities have slowed down a bit. The days and nights were getting crazy. Now we are back to enjoying evenings alone, watching t.v and catching up on household projects. Right now Jason is behind me sifting through mortgage payments. He is making sure (for the 10 billionth time) that we have a fixed mortgage payment. Thanks to good 'ol Dateline we want to make sure. Of coarse we do. That was all documented and made sure of during the building of our home. Im not sure I was an official blogger during that time but if I was you would have read how I harassed and stalked our poor mortgage lady. There was not going to be any fine print on my paper and if there was someone was going to pay...(I also told her if she made a mistake and can't get us a mortgage I would tie my poor body to the roof and NEVER get off... im serious I really did tell her that.) Thankfully everything went smooth and without a hitch, she happily signed us off and I harassed the lawyer at closing. Ahh memories...
 Anywho... Im off. I have tons of wrapping to do and keep putting it off till "tomorrow." I will take my wine glass...(filled with water... makes it more exciting) and head off to my living room where I will indulge myself in mindless tv and cover my packages in pretty paper. Chat soon...


  1. The twinkle tree in front of the little red house looks so nice. I too am visiting blogs while my unwrapped gift sit in a distant room. Tomorrow I am making cookies and wrap, wrap, wrap. Go grab yourself a cookie and get inspired.
    Roberta Anne

  2. My husband had to put the presents in the attic because I could not get to my side of the closet and our 1 1/2 year old kept getting in them and trying out some of the gifts a little to early. Merry Christmas.

  3. I saw that Dateline too and I panicked, and I don't even own a home. Oh the world we live in. Do the kids like their countdown calendar? I MISS YOU!!



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