Monday, December 8, 2008

A Beach For Two....

Another week has begun in our home. Busy busy busy is all that comes to mind as I filled out my calendar for December. When did I get such a life??? I clearly can't remember but I have proof written in blue all over my pretty 30 days of December. Tonight is my only night to sit and relax... if you count writing out over 40 Christmas cards, pouring over cruise brochures and folding 2 loads of laundry relaxing. But a mommy's work is never done. I believe my mission was a success. I planted a seed of vacation in my hubbys head and the seed has SPROUTED!!! He ordered all sorts of packet info and spends his free time pouring thru all the colorful pages. Instead of saying " if"... he now says "when." How cool is that? Bahamas watch out.. the GapGirl is packin her favorite hat and Jackie-O sunglasses and is on her way. Whaaa Hoooo. I have been prepping HARD for this. I decided to join one of the Upstates BIGGEST consignment sales "switch-a-roos" and sell all my baby gear come february. This shop is closed!! Hey if I change my mind, I change my mind but for now Im good to go! The money I earn is going towards the cruise as is my extra money I get from Nursery and pet-sitting. My goal is to pay for the cruise myself so we have even more extra money to swim with the dolphins, buy pretty jewelry,snorkel, buy more pretty jewelry and one of those really big straw hats with even bigger sunglasses. Yes, thats the life.... oh and don't forget my fruity umbrella drink I will be sipping by the crystal clear ocean. Ahhh I can hear the seagulls already!
 Anywho, I still have months to go and need to survive the holiday rush first! Jason and I have 3 Christmas parties to go to, one woman's dinner,church activities, shopping... and our New Years Eve party invites have already started filling our inbox. Lots to do!
 Until the day my ship comes in...literally... I will bundle up, keep warm and dream...


  1. sweet that is so cool let me know who you go through to book your cruise is it AAA? I would love to find a good deal and go on one too!

  2. I love the Bahamas. Every house looks like an ice cream cone. Dream away. We are putting change in a big bottle for a get-a-way too.
    Roberta Anne

  3. I want to go on vacation too! Those pictures made me ache for beaches and warm sunny weather - Oh, no - and winter has just began.

    I can totally see you getting rid of all your baby stuff - and then getting pregnant. Are you sure it's not a secret conspiracy so the next baby gets all brand new stuff!? Ha, ha!

  4. ROFL... I KNOW!!! Thats what happened with Molly. I told Jason he BETTER NOT mess up (me too) NO babies! I want to go cruising... after we go then all bets are off, after all... you know us.



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