Monday, January 25, 2010

An Interesting Dilemma...

This is my Banana. She is my responsible animal lover! We pet sit many of our friends animals and she is always by my side, making sure each pet gets the required daily dose of love and affection. She is pictured above with our newest "client" Lucy! She lives next door and is a 10 year old St. Bernard and our newest love. We LOVE Lucy. She also has 2 brothers, a bloodhound puppy named Hubert and a very mean dashound named Frank. EVery day we walk next door and let them out to play. Hannah immediately kisses them, runs them around, picks up the poop and makes sure they all get a few treats before being put back in their house.
This weekend, as we gathered around our family table, the conversation took another unexpected twist. Pets. We currently have no pets. Our beloved fish Bob, died a few weeks ago leaving us completely pet free.
Talks of a puppy entering our home have been placed on the backburner until the next tax season. The breed we want is beyond our current budget. Until then, we will prepare for his/her arrival.
But the thought of waiting another year for a furry friend (and totally convincing Mom to let an animal into her beloved Red House) is too much for my Banana to bare.
As we left the wal-mart parking lot saturday evening, we saw a little black kitty on the side of the road. Hannah almost cried at the thought of leaving that little precious feline to fend for herself.
Her pleads and cries for mercy on the kittens behalf must have softened an itty-bitty piece of hubbys heart. Although we didn't scoop that ball of softness into our car, we did in fact spend the remainder of our dinner time trying to convince daddy that a kitten is a MUST!!!
The kitten would of coarse be a family pet, but I know the moment it comes into our home, it will forever be attached to Hannah's heart. I know, from experience, she will love and care for this kitty as if her life depended on it. I know her heart, its made to love little furry animals.
At 2 years old, we brought home a puppy and even as little as she was, she never left the dogs side. When everyone else was tired of him drooling all over us and hitting us with his tail, my banana covered him with kisses.
When he had to be placed in a new home 2 years later, she was devastated. It took her almost a year to get over him. The bad dreams and the tears lasted forever.
She was made to love!
So, over dinner she stated her case.
I could tell she somehow wormed her reasons right into Hubby's mind. He was thinking... not happily though. But thinking none the less.
She vowed to save up enough money to buy a kitty that came with shots and spayed/neutered.
Right then and there the agreement was made. If she saved up enough money for a kitty and its supplies, Hubby would think about it....
But of coarse, in her mind, this was a yes.
So thus the saving has begun. She has $13 for her future kitty. She earns money from going above and beyond around the house and she earns money from pet sitting our neighbor. She is on a mission... and when she has her mind set on something... all things are possible.
I wonder what hubby will do when he is presented with the cash she needs to pick out her new pet? What should he do?? What do you think? What should be the right thing to do?
I think a little kitty would make this Little Red House complete! Don't you??

Oh did I mention Emma is saving up for a lizard??? Sheesh...


  1. Awe!! Kitties are so cute :) When Hannah saves up for the tiny ball of cuteness you must post pictures :)

  2. Cats are very special to me. I had 4 when I was growing up and I miss each one of them. They all have such different personalities, they are so much fun to have around!



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