Monday, January 18, 2010

Straight To The Heart...

As we were decorating for Hannahs birthday party, our conversation turned...

Hannah..." Mommy, if the baby would have lived, what month would he have been born in again?"

Mommy..." March. His birthday would have been in March."

Hannah..." So, He would have turned 1 this coming March?"

Mommy..."Yes, He would be about 10 months old right now..."

Hannah... with a smile..." Awww, that would have been so cool. We would have had birthdays in January, February, MARCH, April, May, June AND July."

Mommy..."Yup, your right..."

Hannah..." Oh, I want you to have another baby mom..."

Mommy..." Me too banana... me too...."

and then we finished decorating the kitchen....

It was a GREAT party!


  1. You lost a baby??? How sad! :( So sorry.

  2. Sweet moments like this with our children are special. What a kind heart she has. Love it.

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing! I'm praying for your family, to be blessed again soon.

  4. How sad, yet how sweet. It's good that you talk about it openly. You're a good mommy!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Glad you can talk about it openly with your daughter. Not only is it good for her but it's good for you. Praying for you.



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