Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 instead of 2

Right before the holidays I had some houseguests stay with us for about 2 weeks while they job hunted and prepared for relocation. They were actually more than guests, they were my cousins! We so enjoyed them being a part of our home for that brief period of time. The house actually felt empty when they left!
A few days before they packed up their car for the 10 hour ride home, they handed me a box. In it was something so exquisite I squealed with joy.
Out came this shiny stainless 4 slice toaster. It was beautiful!
It was a simple thank you for opening my home to them... or they just got so sick and tired of holding down the button to my old, white cheap 2 slice toaster . (come to think of it, the old one was a gift as well. Another thank you from my sister-in-law for letting her live with us. Hmm I see a pattern here...)
Perhaps most women would not be so happy to get such an appliance as a gift. For me, its perfect! Just what we need to make our morning breakfast go a little bit faster.
The funny thing is, we are all still in amazement that 4 slices of bread can be toasted at once. Is that bad? Ha ha ha

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  1. Now I want one! :) hahaha! I always have some toast in the morning! it would make life so much easier, wouldn't it?



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