Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Update

Here is a quick update on day #5 of keeping my New Years Resolution.

1) walked the neighborhood today in hopes of having the weight lost somewhere... didn't work!

2) My closets are staying neat and tidy. I have not bought anything yet due to lack of funds but will get started soon! In the meantime, my list grows and the cleaning continues...

3) I Love my hubby... need I say more?

4) Im still letting go as hard as that is and more pregnancies are announced. Im so happy for them but can't seem to help the stabbing that I feel in my heart. But God is good and grants me peace when I need it the most. Time to be strong and no time for saddness!

6) Oh boy, do I have a long list of things I want to do to my home. Can't wait!! ;)

5) I have kept up with the bible reading. My older girls joined me and its a great time together. Hannah reads half aloud to practice her reading. She struggles a bit, this is a perfect opportunity to have her practice while we are reading God's word. It reminds me of all the men and women of yesteryear who did the same thing by candlelight many years ago. They didn't have libraries or bookstores and their main goal was learning to read so they can read the word of God! I LOVE being able to help and teach her during our bible hour together.
Emma is joining along as well, but since she is such a bookworm, she usually gets it done way before us! She listens along. Molly, if she is around, carries her own little bible and pretends to read. Its so precious. But most of the time you can catch her "preaching" to the other littles. Thats Molly for ya!

As I have been reading day by day, I have kept the people who took the 90 day challenge close to my heart. I can't imagine the sacrifice and self discipline it must take to stay on task. I have been following one bloggers journey as her and her older kids read thru. I have not looked into the day to day schematics of it all but my heart is being tugged stronger and stronger each day. Perhaps that will be my next goal. Until then, I will pray that they endure to the end! I will look forward to hearing about their progress and admire them to the fullest!!! You go!!


  1. Praying for you what I pray for myself.

    "Lord please give the blessing of another baby or take away my desire and give me peace and contentment."

    Yes, even with having a larger than average family I pray this prayer often.

  2. You're doing GREAT! That is SO awesome to share the Bible reading with your girls!

    That was probably the biggest on-going test for me too, when our baby died of facing the rest of the moms that were pregnant at the same time... but God reminded me that I must be content with the plan He has for ME, not the plan He has for everybody else... I don't know if that encourages you?! I sure hope so. Feel free to just kick me if it doesn't! ;)

    Glad that you're doing well...

    Amy in Peru

  3. I pray you are blessed with a full quiver. I am patiently awaiting God's grace for #5 myself.

  4. i am so glad that i clicked over! first of all LOVE the picture of your house in the header!

    looks like you're doing well on your list

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture on your sidebar that says all homeschool moms do not wear prairie skirts! oh, that is SO funny and SO me!! where did you find that!

    can't wait to come back and read your past posts!

  5. So inspiring and fresh to see a mom with such an upbeat/ positive attitude toward life.

    I pray that you are blessed with baby #6!

    And thank you for sharing everything so beautiful, from your family, decor and love of shopping.

    Thank you as well for your recent prayers. Our little boy cam home today.
    Bless you and yours!



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