Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I LOVE Lemonade....

Yaa, I recieved this cute award from the sweet gal over HERE. IM so excited. Now, in order for me to officially accept, I must list 5 things about myself. Hmm, what should I say??

1) Green might just be my new pink

2) I love having my tv off most of my day and LOVE relaxing in my warm comfy bed with my tv on late at night!

3) I love anything argyle...

4) I truly can't wait to get a 15 passanger van. NO JOKE!

5) I love Jesus, but you already knew that.=)

Thanks for the award and all my few faithful readers who tune in (almost every day) to read my rambles.



  1. I grew up in a 15 passenger van, even took my drivers test in it! If I had more kids I would be excited to get one too.

  2. We NEED a 15 passenger van, like it or not! But there's pretty much no such thing here in Peru. Congratulations on your award! I love lemonade too, and green. We don't have a tv but the computer makes up for it... I enjoy how much I can get done with the computer off!

    Amy in Peru

  3. I love GREEN! :) Yes. yes I do! :) It is close to being up there with Pink!

    Thanks for the comments!!! :)


  4. You deserve it!!:) I'm a big fan of green too. Congrats on your award!



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