Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Its Wednesday!!! (Thank God) Which means 2 things...

My WIWW/WILW post kindly hosted by The Pleated Poppy and Krystina and my Ladies Bible study tonight. Can't wait.

Today I am wearing and loving ROSS!! I heard about this store ages ago from my sister-in-law who has them in Utah. She loved this store. So I was very excited to find out that SC had some too!! 

But to be quite honest, Our Ross is right next to a  HUGE Marshalls/Homegoods. I mean.. WHO DOES THAT??? SO not fair. So for the first 3 years of our SC existence, Homegoods won the fight.every.single.time.

But one Thanksgiving, I went shopping with my cousin's wife. They all caravanned down here for Thanksgiving. She dragged me in and from that day forward I was hooked. Hook.line and sinker.

Now we are in there every week quite frequently.

My older girls love it too.

So here is this week's addition. 

Dress: ROSS
     Shoes : Payless?
Accessories: Old Navy/ VIntage Pearl

We were late to church and hubby was yelling at me reminding me to move my butt!!

Im loving my new LOUD Zebra purse. It's really nice in person. and of course very very big. I saw it and knew it belonged in my "fancy room."

(what Molly calls my closet)

And this dress was a must. The older girls and I went out one friday night for some shopping. This dress didn't make the first cut even though I LOVED it on and so did the girls.

But I could not shake it.

So 2 days later I went back and THANK GOD it was still there...

and so was a very cute skirt for Hannah..

Most days im just in tanks and skirts. Old Navy had their $2 tank sales and the older girls and I stocked up. Seriously. You really can't beat that... and tanks are all I wear ALL summer.

I can't wait to see what you all LOVE and WEAR!!




  1. if you went back and it was still there, then it was totally meant to be! I live by that one alot. a whoooolleeee lot. :) glad you got your dress and the handbag is cute too!

  2. Love the purse. Come see the bible get some zebra print action.

  3. Love the dress. And that purse? Shut the front door adorable! And, yep, I would've gone back for that dress too.

  4. That black dress is adorable. I wish our Ross stores were nice, but they're icky. LOVE Homegoods though. new follower here from Lollipops!

  5. You look adorable and you have talked me into Ross, lol! We have a Ross and I think I have been there twice in my life. I just discovered TJ Maxx last year and I went to Kohl's for the first time last week, haha.

    Loved your "late for church" pic. My hubby is a pastor so he always goes over earlier than I do, but I do try to get there on time because, believe me, people notice if I am late and always tease me, lol!



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