Thursday, June 16, 2011

In These Here Parts...

NO, I have not disappeared or stopped blogging... IM ALIVE... and well and TAN and summering with my kids. Things have been crazy in our little red house. Visitors have come and gone, SweetTea Travel has taken off and I... yes I am planning a 15th anniversary going away trip with just my hubby and I. Birthdays are in full force, as a new one comes every few weeks. Mothers Day and now fathers day are celebrated... Life is good and we are trying to put our feet up and enjoy a bit.

But I miss my bloggy-friends. I miss visiting you and hearing from you and seeing your smiling faces on my blog frog!! I DO!!

So Im back.

Whats new?? Well for starters today I am going shopping for my soon to be 14 yr olds FIRST EVER boy/girl birthday party tomorrow night. No character themes, no games... just a bunch of teenagers running amuck outside with a fire-pit and some fireworks. Should be fun. One can hope.

Last night we drove thru a tornado...


We did. And my kids are scarred enough to prove it.

In the evening, because of the heat, thunderstorms always roll in. Dinner has been eaten with black clouds and lightening. Its usually not unusual. But last night as we drove to church, the sky looked different. So of course I managed to take pics while almost driving off the road several times. To capture it.... and within minutes I realized I should have stayed home. The wind almost took my van, Hail sounded like it was going to cave in my roof and I had to stop driving due to no visibility... My kids were scared and for 1 second I felt completely helpless. Thank God  it passed as quick as it came and we made it to church!!!

That night on FB, people shared their stories of uprooted trees, playsets destroyed and holes in their vinyl siding from the hail.

Im glad its OVER. And even though our county refuses to ever delclare a tornado touchdown... we all know one did. 




  1. So scary! I am happy to hear that you guys are safe!

  2. looks really bad, how is couponing going?

  3. the storm had lessened just a bit by the time it got to our side of town, glad no one was hurt!

  4. We had similar weather here except it lasted a little longer. Glad that you are all safe and sound.



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