Thursday, June 23, 2011

So... Today...

What has been up with the weather??

Crazy crazy crazy...

Coming home from church last night, we discovered another neighbor lost their tree. I took this pic a few minutes ago and I don't think they even know it broke.

They don't leave their house much...

It might stay there for a while.

Of course, this is my tree....

Nice and big and FERTILIZED!! I think I would cry if this tree snapped. When we moved in, it was an itty-bitty q-tip. We nursed it and watered it to be as big as it is now...

Not bad right?

Im obsessive. Every storm Im watching all my trees.

I hate when new trees break. Especially in new neighborhoods where trees are VITAL.

See the yellow house in the corner??

They lost their maple a few weeks ago. It was a nice big one. But they are great neighbors and replaced theirs right away...

But they are moving... =(

The skies look crazy again. Pop up severe storms will be happening all day.

Last night at church they had us move away from all the windows due to the severity of the "storms" A.K.A tornadoes... But for some reason southerners don't like to call them that. They call them storms..

For instance...

"Look where the storm threw my house... clear across town...."

Yeah... thats what I deal with...

Well I gotta go. The nice weather girl said to take out my weather radio and keep it on for the day..

for "the storm..."



Have you been keeping up with my crazy days on TWITTER?? Well get on it...


  1. Awe :'( Poor tree. I feel ya. Although, I don't live in a new neighborhood so I just hope my tree doesn't fall over on my house. We call 'em what they are over here in TN... Tornados!!! Although we had a "wind storm" the other night that I would classify as a tornado... but I'm no weather girl ;0).

  2. our "storm" picked up our trampoline and threw it in our neighbor's yard! But the national weather service said there were no tornadoes spotted in our area. Yeah, not believing that for a minute!



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