Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Don't Think You Have Properly Met...

Please forgive me for being so rude. I don't believe you have been properly introduced to the newest member of our family.

Have you?

I mean, Besides this silly post briefly mentioning something to the fact of the hubs surprising us with one...

This morning I woke up to the words...


Before I could  respond open my eyes and react someone (who shall remain nameless) touched his cold wet nose against mine.

He then proceeded to snuggle down next to me on my nice, soft, snuggly duvet bed.... which, I gotta hand it to him... it is comfy. 

Heck NO! Not in this lifetime Link. Our Master area is CAT FREE which has helped me BIG TIME with my allergic reaction to him in the first place.

But you can't blame the guy for trying to snuggle with his girl right?

But that is Link in a nutshell. One of the gang. He was named by the kids within 5 minutes... after a character on Zelda. I think he spent too long at the Humane society because he thinks he is a dog. He has the art of meet-and-greets at the door down pat.

(and I mean any door... like bathroom doors...)

He is the kids B-E-S-T friend.

He follows them around and hates to be alone. Our first few nights together, when the kids were sleeping for the night, he just walked around the house meowing non stop. Finally my Hannah would come down and scoop his tiny bottom up and bring him upstairs to cuddle with him all night.

But that lasted a week.

She is too exhausted to continue.

His late night hair playing, feet batting, nose licking got the best of her.

Quite frankly Im not sure what he does all night??

The kids wear him OUT!

An occasional throw in the toilet has happened but personally, I think He likes it.

He hunts all sorts of imaginary creatures in his land. and when he is hungry, abigail shares his food with him he goes upstairs and eats.

His favorite places to sleep are anywhere where I prefer him not to be. On Penelopes play mats, Hubby's laptop bag, couch pillows, folded laundry... its endless.

And in an instant he will be snoring away.

We never know where he will turn up next.

Dishwasher, fridge, cabinets... my purse...

The phrase "Curiosity killed the cat" is his own personal challenge.

My Aunt says he is so thankful that he was taken out of that place and given a home where he is loved and adored.

I secretly think she is right.

Although I was hesitant to have another cat in my "new" home...

I have a feeling Link and us were meant to be..

Its a match made in Kitty Heaven!

( Did I mention his gas is enough to make paint peel... UGH!!!)




  1. Ha ha, I love this post! My cats {yes, we have 3!} love sleeping on my clean laundry, on my pillow {ew} and pretty much everywhere else. Aren't kittens so much fun! Link sure is a cutie :)



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