Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Chickens

I LOVE chickens. I love to decorate with them, I love to hear them (the live ones) and watch them and I love to eat them. Ha! Growing up, my grandpa raised them. When I got married and moved next door to my Mother-in-law, she too, raised them... it wasn't long before, we had our own as well. Both hubby and I agree, a home is not complete without a chicken coop and some girls.

Since we moved into a new development with HOA's and covenant, we had to kiss that part of our lives goodbye. NO CHICKENS ALLOWED. Its so upsetting. So, instead I surround ourselves with pictures and lamps and all sorts of cute odds and ends to show my devotion to my favorite feathered friends.

Here are just a few pictures of my chickens... that I have all over my kitchen.

That red chicken lamp is one of my FAVORITES!!! Chickens and marabou. Does it get better?

LOVE this kitchen sink mat I found at Target a couple of years ago.

I even have chickens hanging from my trees!!! And they greet you in my foyer the moment you walk in. =)

I found that blue polk-a-dot chicken at ROSS one day and could NOT leave the store without her. Something about her I just LOVE. She keeps watch on my front porch.

All of these pictures can be enlarged by clicking. See my newest addition?? My sweet hubby-dear hung her up last night, after the sun gave us a reprieve and I was watering the front gardens. She is a VERY heavy cast iron chicken bell and she is a beauty!!! I LOVE how she looks on my front porch and really makes the whole area cozy and welcoming. I love staring at it when I go for my morning rounds or get the mail. It just makes me smile.

I have my eyes on a couple of other chicken decorations I saw this week. I want to FILL my home with all sorts of chicken everything. Friday is payday and SHOPPING DAY. YIPPIE!!! Time to go out and score some new treasures for my Little Red House. I can't wait!!!! I'll be sure to show and tell you ALL!

Thanks for taking a look at my dear girls. What do you like to decorate with?


  1. Love it all. You make it look real nice and it works. Love it all.

  2. You make me laugh! I've always wondered who would want to buy all that chicken stuff...now I know! :-) You have used it well...it looks good.

  3. The chickens are so cute. I have a thing for apples. Maybe because I am a teacher? I have calmed down a bit, but still have a few things here and there.

  4. Family pictures and candles are every where in my house. I love angles also. Love your chickens

  5. love all the chickens! I have a chicken "thing" too, started after we got real hens, now I cannot resist!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. CUTE ! I grew up on a chicken farm, and I think your chicks are way cuter than any we ever had !!!!

    You have a beautiful family and a lovely blog !


  7. Love it!I have some Chickens.I also decorate with Angels!

  8. I thought they were roosters!
    I gotta brush up on my foul!

  9. Aw, see I knew I liked you a lot! ;) I love, love chickens too, but don't have many in the house. Only a big colorful rooster pic... (You can see it on my blog under "home and garden"!) I never knew how much I loved our girls until we had to give them up when moving, like you. Now I crave more and can't wait to have them again. Not to mention the eggs and built in "disposals"! :0
    I don't have much of a theme in the house, but do seem to be drawn to stars...



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