Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sundays Bountiful Harvest

Hubby took this amazing picture, spur of the moment with his cell phone. Beautiful right?

The evenings are when we come alive around here. The recent triple digit temps have kept us indoors for most of the day. I, unable to sit still, venture outside in short spurts to putter in my gardens. I can't take being away from them too long.

But in the evenings, when the sun sets just enough to give us relief, we are out and about enjoying life.

Our tomatoes are in FULL bloom and we have more than we know what to do with. Tomato sandwiches on toast has bee the newest lunch item. YUMMY!

Right now, the sun is fighting the clouds. I hear loud rumbles of thunder in the distance. Perhaps some rain is on its way? One can hope.

I bought a huge box of miracle grow and plan on feeding all of my darling pets. My flowers are not as good as last year and are in need of some TLC PRONTO!!!

I won't even compare last years sunflowers to this years. Yikes. For shame!!! BUT, perhaps in a week or two, all things will be different.

We shall see....


  1. Love the new look of your blog! I'm jealous of your tomato harvest. Mine aren't ready yet...but judging by how many green tomatoes are hanging on, it should be a good year. For now, I'm hitting the roadside stands & getting fresh, local tomatoes that way. We're eating a lot of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. Yum.

  2. I do love the way the sun is just hitting to give it that nice tomatoes already..we have some that are about nickel sized and our sunflowers won't be as tall either this year..too much rain and not enough sun in May..but hopefully something..our nasturisims are just now starting to bloom..I love them..hubby usually does the miracle grow thing faithly every week and has only done it once so far..gotta get on made a huge difference last year..we do have peas though and the plants are beautiful flowers on them like I would have liked though.:)

  3. I have LOTS of tomatoes, too..for the first time! Last night, we enjoyed a thunderstorm here. I could hear my plants saying, "Ahhhhhh....". Oklahoma summers can be miserable! This morning, I have the windows open and am enjoying the cool breeze.

  4. You can always can them, it really isn't that hard. I also heard of dehydrating them. I am going to give it a try. And then add them to soups.

    we are eating tomatoe salads, which is sliced tomatoes, basil, honey, and basalmic vinegar. I even put a slice of the salad on my hamburger, yum!

    I do love your home.

  5. Mmmm... We had BLTs last night, and every time I eat one, I always forget how perfectly delicious they are! :) (My hubby even had to go get white "cheap" bread, b/c he said you can't use anything else for them!!) I just wish I could get my kiddos to eat tomatoes better...

  6. How garden looked good...picture produce, one I envy your abundance of harvest....enjoy,



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