Monday, June 21, 2010

My Day At Hobby Lobby...

As the temperatures soared close to 100 degrees today, I packed up 3 of my 5 kids and headed to my most favorite Hobby Lobby. For those of you who don't have one nearby... I am deeply sorry. The littles entertained themselves as I took my time and strolled up and down each aisle. Oh the thoughts going thru my head!!! Oh the clearance aisles and don't even get me started on the Christmas decor.

I KNOW!!! I have NEVER been THAT person to jump the gun on the holiday but in the last couple of years, the joy and magic of Christmas has settled all over my heart.... so I guess that I should not tell you that yes, I AM buying some Christmas decorations in June... but ONLY because I know that if I want the "good stuff" I need to pick it up as soon as it hits the shelves. Have you seen Hobby Lobby in December??? I make my own garland, wreaths and sways with the prettiest frosted fruits and glitter EVERYTHING. Oh and all the shiny and glittery gold... be still my heart. Now that I have proper storage (and a HUGE pre-lit tree) My decorations are perfectly stored year after year. Anyway... back on track.

I ended up in the fabric and ribbon aisle and I searched thru some BEAUTIFUL pieces. I need the perfect cloth top re-do my jelly cupboard but in my search I found my newest baby's comforter.

Truth be told, Im not a good sewer at all!! I know the steps and know how blankets are assembled (Mrs. Price from 8th grade home ec would be SO proud) but have no clue about the stitching or which end of the sewing machine to use. That , I will leave up to my dear Aunt who just moved in my neighborhood. Perhaps I will bribe her with something shiny and new?? But she did mention she would teach me!! Really? How hard can it be??=))

So here are the fabrics I chose. Simple, snuggly and feminine.

Above pic is the front of her blanket...

This will be the back. Its the softest flannel and has the most delicate flowers. (click to enlarge)
This fabric above I will buy just because... Its nursery rhymes and will make a great anything sheet. It too is flannel and I just was drawn to it.

Please excuse the pictures, my good 'ol envy 2 was all I had at my disposal at the moment but it gets the job done.

These are not in my possession YET! They are not on sale so I have to print out 3 40% off coupons and buy each print separately so I can get them at an insanely LOW price.

BUT, the hair ribbon were 50% off WHOO HOOO... and the ribbon by the yard was 30% off... lets just say my girls will now have hair bows in ALL colors.

And the new baby you ask??? Well no fake flower is now safe from my hair accessory obsessed hands.


Oh and please excuse all of my shopping/shallow posts. Im on a brain break. My brain has been a bit overloaded with more info/news than I want it to know, so im keeping my blog light and airy for just a bit.=)


  1. Love the fabric. We didn't learn how to sew in school, wish I did though. Hobby Lobby sounds like a great store. I don't think we have them here. I'd love to see the hair bows you make too.

  2. Don't apologize, I thought this post was fun! I love the fabrics, they are beautiful.

  3. I love the quilt "plan"! (Anything with that fluffy chenille... *sigh*) I don't know how to sew, and so want a sewing machine to learn... Maybe someday when I get everything in order! ;) Oh and I love all those sweet headbands with flowers, but boys just don't look as good in them, lol! :)

  4. Wish we had one of those stores.I also love the magic of Christmas.I always start listening to christmas music in early fall!The blanket will be so pretty!Blessings Marla

  5. Don't worry! I love the shallow/shopping posts!! :)



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