Saturday, June 5, 2010


Its Saturday morning! Going to be 91 degrees today which means pool time very shortly.

We are awaiting some family to arrive and stay for a few days before they continue on to Alabama. They are moving to the deep south and can't wait. Another life change directed by Gods hand.

I have french toast sticks in the oven for breakfast. (I cheated and bought a boxful for the kids. Im pregnant, Im allowed to be lazy sometimes) and about every 2 minutes I am greeted with another..."Are they ready... Im hungry..."

My coffee is next to me hot and ready to be sipped. I need to get outside and check on my flowers. At Lowes yesterday, I found the clearance cart and bought more Shasta daisies and other pretty flowers for my garden. My clematis is a purple, beautiful blooming mess and my cone flowers are just starting to bloom. I love them all!!

Our vegetable garden in the back is doing much better this year, although improvement is still needed. The soil needs to be adjusted to get our tomatoes sky high... but right now they are big and super healthy and LOADED with green tomatoes. I can just taste those sandwiches already.

Every night we have been getting thunderstorms due to the heat during the day. Rolling thunder across the sky. I was on the phone with THE CHATTY MOMMY and we were talking about how all our kids still wake us up at night. I have 5 and she has 4... none which include newborns... so why is this happening?? My master bedroom is beginning to look like a camp ground with blankets and sleeping bags thrown on the floor at all times... most times I don't even bother to clean it up because I know the next night someone else will be down because of some reason or other and the spot will be taken.

If the thunderstorms come before bedtime... we don't even bother putting them to bed. Straight on the blankets they go. They get too scared. Last night was a good night actually, a sound slumber.... Praise God!

2 more days till the BIG sonogram!!! I can't wait to find out what this baby is.... even though I have STRONG feelings towards a boy. I have dreams its a boy and visions of a boy. I will be completely shocked (and elated) if its a girl. But in 48 hour we shall see so stay tuned... I will be sure to let you all know what we find out. =)) Hubby took off of work to come with me and share in the joy. Then later this week, we will take all the kids out to start shopping for the new baby. I will let them each pick out one gift to bring to the baby in the hospital.... like a pacifier and a blanket. Each one of my babies used both (and some still do) so picking out the perfect blankie is VERY important to us!!!

So, im off to begin our Saturday, I hope your weekend is wonderful as well.


  1. hook a girl up- link my name to my blog- lol

  2. Really cute blog-I found you after you stopped by my blog. Hope you are feeling well-I wish we could have a #5 and #6 but after 2 losses and 4 healthy kiddos here with us we are getting to old to have more-I will be praying everything goes well for you with this pregnancy. Enjoy it all-I was so scared with my pregnancy with Analeigh (because we lost one at 16 weeks before her) that even through I knew God was in control I worried a lot while I was pregnant with her and I missed enjoying my last pregnancy-I wish I could do that part over again.
    I joined up to follow your blog and looked forward to reading more.
    Happy Sunday.

  3. Good Morning ~ I am new to your blog~ love your post, and congratulations on the baby 6! I wish you the best of luck today! Oh...and all three of my kids are blankie kids! Just have to have one!
    Blessings ~ Monica @ Organzied Chaos



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