Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Sweet Escape...

During one of my blog hopping evenings, I came across CAT NAP INN PRIMITIVES BLOG and instantly fell in love!! This is a woman after my own heart!!! She lives in Washington in a "Little Yellow House" that is just beyond adorable...

On the outside are all sorts of beautiful flowers and gardens and birdfeeders. There is something beautiful growing at every turn.

Here are just one of her veggie gardens. Isn't it so quaint and perfect?? Makes me just want to grab my cup of coffee and stroll around her grounds in the early morning... (don't worry, I won't... LOL)

Here is another view of her beautiful garden. If your lucky, you can see one of her cats enjoying the sun on her back porch.

The inside of her home is even more magical!!! Country primitive to the core. Home-y and welcoming the moment you "step in." I have been loving life browsing thru her blog and seeing all she has done.

Notice the sewing machine??? She creates awesome decorations for her home and her Etsy store. Im so excited... as we speak, my Aunt is bringing her sewing machine from Alabama right to my neighborhood to teach me to sew. How exciting!!! Maybe one day I will be able to make my own creations!!!!

I highly suggest stopping by CAT NAP INN PRIMITIVES and looking thru all of her pictures and recipes and blogs. You won't be disappointed!! Thats where you will see me ALOT!!!

(did I mention she also loves and grows sunflowers???) We would SO be friends if we lived close!!!!

Ahhh, nothing like another gal who truly loves her Home Sweet Home !


  1. I just found her a few days ago, too! I love her style. ♥

  2. well you surely made my day!!! thank you so much for the wonderful words..I am blushing..;) and it takes alot to get me to blush...You know if you lived closer we would get in lots of trouble..lol..but it sure would be fun...Thank you for "spotlighting" me..you have totally made my day..;) Take care and have a wonderful day and have fun learning how to sew..trust me its addicting..but sew much fun..(pun intended)..;)

  3. How fun and relaxing! Oh, do learn to sew you will so enjoy it and you will enjoy it even when you get older. I almost wore my machine out in the early years, then with teenagers it went into the closet and I have it out again...what a joy to have something from my own hands...and the project gets finished, unlike parenting. :)

  4. Hi Gap Girl,
    You have a beautiful home. I know & love Gina (Cat Nap Inn Primitives). She made a baby bib and a darling apron for me. Her joy and creativity are contagious. I love your home school quote about the village! That was my philosophy when I home schooled my son (who is now a President's Scholar working on his 2nd degree). I'll be praying for you and your precious #6. God bless you and your family.

  5. oh how lovely, thanks for the link! I would love to live next door to her!

  6. Hi Gap Girl:) I'm visiting from Gina's blog. What a nice post about Gina. I enjoyed the read. Gina's a talented lil lady for sure and it shows all around her homestead.
    Your home is very inviting and breathtaking too luv.

  7. I have enjoyed Cat Nap Inn Primitives blog for some time now and after reading many of your posts I have became a follower of your blog also. I so enjoyed reading the posts. Congrats to you & your family. A baby is such a beautiful blessing from from God sent from heaven above. Blessings to you and Yours!

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