Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tomatoes and 24 Weeks !

Do you remember THIS post? About our Bountiful Harvest? Well, monday afternoon as the kids were out and about playing, I was busy turning that big bowl of red juicy tomatoes into a delish dinner dish. Its quite simple but will easily become your favorite as soon as you taste it!!!

Chop up and de-seed freshly grown roma tomatoes (hubby hates the seeds) and throw in big bowl. Then cut up fresh mozzarella (another family fav) in bite size cubes and place in with tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste and then cover with Wishbone House Italian dressing. Chill for a few hours and enjoy on your back porch while watching the sun set!!! Oh its delicious.... (Just be careful of heartburn later that evening... especially if your preggo like me. OUCH!!!!!)

This past Sunday on my way to church I FINALLY remembered to pick me up some Miracle Grow. I covered anything that grew in my garden with this blue stuff and walk out every morning to see if they doubled in size. HA! Hubby thinks Im nuts and assures me it takes at least a week or 2 to see results but Im impatient!!

And last but NEVER least I am 24 WEEKS TODAY!!! only 16 more WEEKS left before we meet our sweet P. Last weekend we did a wee bit of shopping and was just so confused as to what to buy. What do I need, what do I want, what do I use the most. First time parents have it easy. They just buy one of everything. I refuse to as that is such a waste. But whenever I get in the baby aisle, my mind goes BLANK!!! And I totally forget all of my must-haves and my favorites.

Towards the end of our shopping trip, it all started to come back to me. I would dash down one aisle as I remembered that I NEEDED thin washclothes.... NOT the big plush ones. Although the big ones are nice, they are too bulky for a newborn or infant and the really thin ones work best to clean AND to place under chin as a bib. ( some bibs are just too bulky for sweet tiny babes.

We still have not picked out her special blankey yet... can't find the perfect one we want but we will soon. We have plenty of time!

Im off, the weather has cooled down a bit in the South (80's). Time to weed my gardens and putter around.

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!

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  1. oh those tomatoes look soooo yummy...we use basil and mozzerella from Costco and salt and pepper and olive oil on ours..we used to eat these all the time living in Italy..might be better for you with getting heartburn.:) love the baby items too...remember I need your home address..;)



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