Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4TH

What a GREAT 4th we had! It was relaxing, lazy and low key... which was JUST what the Dr. ordered. The pool, a nap and then fireworks all night long. Here are some pictures of our great night...

The 4th wouldn't be the same without something cute, yummy and patriotic!

Just as the sun began teasing us with a sunset, we headed out back, moved our chairs and had some family fun. The kids played soccer and bounced on the trampoline and hubby and I enjoyed the weather and sunset...

{ Love our Little backyard... }

Once it got dark, the show began... a display like you can't even imagine... BETTER that you can imagine... all thanks to some neighbors and their LOVE of fire. =)
We roasted marshmallows, ate watermelon and screamed loud whenever fireworks were let off. Hubby bought some as well. My Aunt, Uncle and cousin live on the next block over. They had company and we would text right before we each lit our stuff so we could look over and enjoy!.

The night was perfect, the kids had a blast and we all slept like LOGS until morning. How was your holiday?


  1. Looks like you enjoy some of the same things I and the boys enjoy. Just sharing time with the family in the yard by a fire toasting marshmallows is one of the funest things we do at night. We did have to travel to the next town to enjoy fireworks. Take care & take the time to treat yourself to some more relaxation and rest. Blessings to you & yours.

  2. We stayed home just our little family and did much of the same... Delightful!! :)

  3. Love the pictures!
    Happy 4th!

    I know we will get to get on that porch one day soon!!!!

  4. How FUN! Love your blog--just found it via blogfrog! ;) And, I looove your red house---soo beautiful!


    Liz :)

  5. Cute patriotic cake! Love your blog. New follower here.

  6. I have often thought of making that cake. :) thanks for reading mine! I really appreciate it! You are a pretty amazing mom!



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