Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dinner Tonight...

Tonights dinner is an ol' family favorite which stems back to our military/no kids days... breaded steak with yummy ranch mashed potatoes and corn. I used to come home from waitressing at Applebees at about 11 p.m and hubby was just getting off of work at the hanger and our cooking would begin. Friends usually followed us home and we never knew how many people we would be feeding. (some things never change huh?)

My friend Kerri, taught me how to make yummy mashed potatoes and I added the ranch twist. Many good times were had over this meal.

Tonight I will be making it again... this time with 5.5 kids at the table. Its also their favorite meal. Hubby is on an overtime call but should be walking thru the door soon.

I can't wait. Nothing says home cookin like steak fried in the big red pan!!!


  1. That is Eldest Son's favorite meal. It really is a comfort food!

  2. oh you are totally making my mouth water...I love comfort food and mashed taters are my fav!!! enjoy your meal..and don't forget to give me your words for the bingo game.;)

  3. Yuuuumy!! I really am a southern girl at heart as far as food goes, lol! :)

  4. That sounds really, really awesome!

  5. This isn't a comment on your meal (because I don't eat meat :)), but I wanted to ask you a few questions!
    1) What curriculum do you use for homeschooling? We're not ready to start, yet (she's only 15 mos), but I like to hear what other people use.
    2) When are you due? :) We also call our daughter Sweet P.
    3) What age did you start homeschooling?
    Ok, I think that's all. :) I enjoy reading your blog!

  6. Is that the same thing as chicken fried steak?
    I have never had it - just heard of it- it sounds good and a husband pleaser I am sure!
    Then again- everything you cook is great!

  7. Sounds good. My oldest daughter is a waitress at Applebees. Those tips (and mom and dads helps)are getting her through college.

  8. You haven't lived until you've had chicken fried steak, don't you agree? Looks great and I am enjoying your blog! = )

  9. We had steak, baked potatoes, corn...and Pumpkin Pie last night! It was Connor's B'day...and they get to pick!

    It was Yummy, your's looks great too!

    (did I see Military mentioned?)

  10. Sounds yummy! vHow do you make ranch mashed potatoes? Do you just add the powdered dressing mix to it?



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