Thursday, July 15, 2010

OverFlowing Love....

Lately between my personal bible time and my wednesday night bible study, I feel the Lord has been pointing MANY red flags toward overflowing love. My Pastor has spoken about it recently, my personal devotions have spoken about it and so has my bible readings.
Last night was no different. My devotion said to read 1 Corinthians 13.... the LOVE chapter. Then, I scooted forward to the Thessalonians. I have been meaning to read both short letters for the last few days as Pastor has been speaking from these 2 books... again... Overflowing love.

Its Everywhere I turn. Descriptions on how to love like Christ...

Now here is where I become brutally honest. Its what I am known for, and what I am sometimes NOT liked for.

I sat in bed last night reading and hubby walked in. I told him what I was reading about and what I think God has been speaking to me... I then turned around and said....

Me: " I think its harder for New Yorkers to be Christians more than anyone else...."

Hubby: He laughs and says... "Why is that...?"

Me: "Well honestly, we don't put up with stupidity. We have no tolerance for nonsense and we call things like they are. How can I have this overflowing love for everyone when people drive me CRAZY!!! "

He laughs and said a few things to me which basically were in agreement to what I just said.

Don't judge me. Im being truthful here...

How can we still have this amazing Christlike love as Christians when the world can have us so jaded sometimes??? Especially me... who has a very hard nosed NY attitude.

Don't get me wrong. I AM nice, I DO love and will give you the shirt off my back if needed but I know I am LACKING that overflowing love Christ requires.

I have no problem telling you if your being totally ridiculous or if I think you are wrong.... Sigh...

I found a prayer I wrote in my bible during one wednesday night bible study. It said....

"Lord, let me be filled with overflowing love...."

I guess I just have to keep praying that prayer and reading those LOVE chapters. After all, Nothing is impossible for God...

Even if it has to do with me!?


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you! Especially when it comes to my families! It's dysfunction junction and we are constantly asking the Lord to help us love them. I love your honesty! I wish more people would just tell it like it is...

    Peaceful wishes,
    Melissa Jo

  2. I too am like you at times..but at least you are honest..and I appreciate honesty...and we are not puurrffecctt either..and all we can do is do our best.God knows whats in our hearts..and he knows you/we are trying.;)

  3. I know we are to love like Christ. I am not perfect and I try to love a certain person like Christ. He makes it so hard. No matter what I continue to be hurt over and over. I know forgive and forget. It is hard to forget when I always forgive and no sooner than I do the next hurt has been dished out and always he means to do it. He has told me he will make my life miserable. I often think this must be how God feels over and over when he forgives his people and they reject him soon after. I am not a NYer but I am finding it harder and harder to be a Christian. I think I need to borrow your prayer myself & say it daily. Blessing to you and yours!

  4. I am with you.
    I agree.
    Thank God you got out of the rat race!
    Thanks for reminding me of this.
    Miss you.

  5. 來看你了~心在、愛在、牽掛在,幸福才會繁衍不息^^............................................................

  6. Oh my...this post is so me. I to, am from NY, and I struggle with others "lack of intellegence" at times, well, Ok often! I struggle alot with this, and my co-workers and I discuss it very often in the office, where the lack of intellegence seems to be the worst! Thank you for this post, I hate to say it, but I am so glad that I am not the only one feeling like this!


  7. Oh I agree, too. That's the crux, I think. We want to stay as real good christians and forgot always: how more we try it with the strength of ourself, we fail. The trick is, to let God lay his overflowing Love in our heart. His Holy Gost will fill us up, till we are overflow...
    I love your Post!

    Greetings, Mommy

    PS: Forgive my elementary English, hope you'll understand, what I mean! ;-)

  8. I think we all suffer from this. I know people that drive me NUTS and it's hard for me to show Christ Like love to them. Somthing I for sure need to work on!



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