Monday, July 26, 2010

Not-Me Again...

Is today Monday?? I can't keep track for the life of me. Starting our first night of VBS last night just threw me all off. The heat doesn't help either.

My camera battery is charging, ready to take tons of pictures of tonight. I CAN'T WAIT! Im at the registration table checking in the pre-school kids and writing name tags. Its fun.... Mainly because I get to sit in AC, Get to welcome the kids and wave them on and then spend the rest of the evening chatting until its pick up time.

Hey, Don't judge me... Im almost 7 months pregnant and care for 5 kids all day... Im allowed to want to take it easy AND help out at the same time.

Tonight a friend is bringing me a GREAT christian fiction book called Redeeming Love. 2 other women said it was fantastic. Im looking forward to diving in.

ANYWAY, back to NOT-ME!!!

I did NOT NOT put up the NOT-ME picture simply because Im having a lazy day...

I did NOT look forward (ALL evening) to going home, crawling in bed and knitting... ONLY to drive home with the kids during a lightning storm, have them be totally frightened and have to sleep all over the floor in our bedroom THUS resulting in NO knitting and DVR watching in my comfy bed. =(

It is NOT supposed to storm again tonight and we will NOT be home late because of VBS... so kids will probably NOT be sleeping in my room yet again...

I am NOT already S-T-O-K-E-D for Thanksgiving and Christmas... (but not the cold weather...booo)

I am NOT already making my Christmas lists and making my list of things I need to buy for some homemade gifts and treats for friends and family....

I am NOT already buying dry-goods for our Thanksgiving feast because family did NOT buy airline tickets to fly down and spent the holiday with us....

My older girls did NOT clean out their closet and find bunch of capris that were "lost" in the mess after complaining to me ALL SUMMER that they had nothing to wear...

Yup, I think that about does it for the NOT ME's today...

The clouds are starting to roll in. I can only pray for some rain. We need it so bad. Time for me to go pick up my book and finish reading it before I get my other book tonight and then start knitting again. Its been too long since I picked up my needles. Even though Im such a beginner still, I always forget how refreshing and RELAXING I find it...



  1. Sounds like the perfect day to me. Have a wonderful evening with those wonderful children at bible school.

  2. OK....Redeeming Love is awesome! Second, another full house for Thanksgiving again this year?? Thanks again for being so gracious last year....and third...miss you!

  3. LOVE all Francine Rivers books! Just bought a few new books. I am really enjoying them.

  4. I am making Christmas lists already too!!! I just got the Lakeside Collection, and they have really cute stuff for great prices, check it out! Have a great VBS!

  5. Hi, I voted on your baby name... Looks like a picked an unpopular one! Of course!

    Your blog is sweet and I am ever in need of contact with mommies of many! And you homeschoo!! We do have a few things in common. Would love it if you could hit the follow button on my page. It makes it easier for me to find your blog :)

    You are so very blessed,
    OXOX Jen



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