Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Is My Monday

Our summer visitors have left and now its back to the grind... well, not that we really are working too hard, but we are following some sort of schedule and will attempt to get some school done.
For instance... our science consisted of studying and dissecting this HUGE bee. It got trapped in our screen porch and met his demise. It was amazing. We studied the HUGE stinger. The bright colors and the thick wings. Personally, I thought it was GROSS. They grow bugs BIG down here. It must be the heat or something but they are triple the size than up north. Blech...
We also discovered hornet holes under our trampoline. We thought they were ant hills and were ready to call our lawn guys and complain but alas... another science lesson was soon to follow.
Hornets were DRAGGING locusts and crickets DOWN into their hole by their stinger...
It was amazing. We watched for quite some time and then researched them on the internet. Now we have to "take care of it" if you know what I mean??!!
My kids feet are more important than those darn hornets... Sorry tree huggers....

My sunflowers are BLOOMING! And this makes me happy. Of course, they are NOT as nice and healthy as they could be due to my fertilizing neglect but I tried to make up for it and they grew taller than expected and bloomed. They still are pretty!!! This picture was taken via cell phone as we were running late to church this past Sunday... but you get the picture. ;)
My blog is NOT pixel perfect ... oh well.

On another note, I picked up this book at Wal-mart last week and its GREAT!!! Its a Christian book with 3 different short stories inside but they all take place in the same town. Im on the second story and just love it. I have spent the last 5 evenings curled on the couch as hubby watches tv, reading and getting lost in the black and white print. Nothing like some good, clean books!

Hubby didn't go to work yesterday so today feels like a monday. We are having a slow start but will make it to the pool within the next hour. Then some school and then relax... after all it is summer.

(Have you noticed I finally found my italics button??)


  1. love the bee thing- so cool.
    We need a phone chat soon.
    Miss you.
    Love me

  2. It's sooo true about the bugs in the south!! I'm freaked out by them down here. Every day almost I'm seeing something new and bigger. You're right, they don't grow them this big in the north!

  3. glad no one was hurt taking care of those pesky bugs..love your sunflowers..still no bud in site yet for ours.;) have a great rest of your week..;)

  4. I am always nervous to look in the freezer to see what bug is in there. the kids use to hide bugs so they would die. now we just freeze them so they can discect them



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