Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shopping Day Revisited...

This past friday was shopping day! Whoo-hoo!!! I ran off to one of my favorite food stores... ALDI! Aldi is not a fav among many, only the true money saving moms, or moms of many can truly appreciate the savings found among the aisles. I fill my cart overflowing with all sorts of things and it only cost me $120.00. Among the goodies are:
5 dozen eggs
3 packages mexican shredded cheese
2 bars of block cheese
6 boxes of cereal
10 cans of tuna
2 containers of lemonade
Orange Juice
6 bags of different types of chips
Aldi carries no name brands but their brands usually taste the SAME as national, more expensive brands in supermarkets.
I also visited Wal-Mart which is undergoing MAJOR renovations. I had a hard time finding anything but stumbled across school supplies??? I filled my cart with $.25 crayons and $.25 notebooks for the kids to color and play with... AND fingerpaint because Im cool like that.=)

Here are just some of my goodies sprawled out and waiting to be put away. I still had a publix run to do...

Some close ups of the goodies....


I had the rare privilege of shopping alone this time... But when I pulled up in the driveway, the kids ran out and attacked the bags as if it were Christmas.

They oohhed and ahhed over the fingerpaints and crayons. I also bought a new book for Emma that she was just dying for. Molly got a pack of gum she was promised and the rest of the kids were excited over the snacks and goodies I bought.

It was such a good feeling to come home and see them so happy and so thrilled over groceries and small treats. It made me feel just as happy showing them. As silly as this sounds, it was a nice family bonding moment!!! And made my heart smile.

Thats whats so great about families that love each other. We take pleasure in the small things in life and truly enjoy every moment.

Oh and Im sure your wondering... YES! I bought another chicken thing for my kitchen and a cardigan (on sale) for me. It somehow fell in my cart???


  1. I get that same feeling. My kids are older but still come running to see what goodies I bought. I just love it.

  2. we love,love, love school supplies at our house, it is like Christmas!!

    I'm going to have to see what my Target and Walmart have on sale...

  3. happiness is a full fridge and some little goodies for the kids and especially must share photos of your you say you like chickens huh...;) what are your colors that you wear?...

  4. Ilove aldi...I love deals..I just wish I knew how to do it all.. Hugs

    Rhonda :)

  5. So, what i wanna know is, how do these things just happen to fall into your cart?? :o)

  6. I love Aldi too. I went from spending around $400-$500 a month for our groceries to about $200, for a family of six! And I think their brand tastes better than name brands. They have a delicious salsa, and we even had their filets for dinner tonight! They were super yummm.
    I just have to drive over an hour to get to one, but I do it because I save so much.

  7. Can I come over for dinner?
    We really need to sit down and go over my shopping budget line by line and come up with a better plan.
    I have been seeing so many blogs of people who shop on such limited budgets.
    I need help!
    Or I could just foreclose and move down by you!!!

  8. you did a great job. I love finding a good deal. I got wal mart notebooks for 15 cents. i bought two cases.

  9. My awesome friend in Georgia tells me how wonderful Aldi's is!
    :o)Thanks you for visiting my blog today!

  10. 好喜歡你的部落格唷,剛下班,要去睡了!!!掰~~..................................................................

  11. Oh, boo-whoo, how I miss my Aldi in the last town we lived in that was 5 minutes away... :( Here in Texas, they're just starting to get them, but hours and hours away still. I used to budget myself around $40 per week to go and get stuff there, and would then lay it all out when I got home to see the awesome haul! I've even taken pics too of my Aldi loot, and my hubby thought I was loony, lol!! Guess what!? I called him in and showed him that I wasn't the only one that took pics of my groceries!! :O



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