Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Fog...

Ok, I think the sun has fried my brain. Most mornings are spent by the pool... or actually in the pool.
Perhaps its just waterlogged?? Who knows. Regardless of the whereabouts of my thinking cap... I am officially having a Blog Fog.
Sound familiar anyone???
I can only show so many pictures of my flowers and my garden. Our days are basically the same.
Wake, eat, pool, float, lunch, school, nap... etc...
Tonight we mix it up a bit. Off to church to hear a great mid-week message. Our Pastor is currently speaking on the rapture and second coming of Christ. Its awesome!! He always includes notes with his sermon and even has a cool binder to organize them all. (yes, I have one=) so I always take as many notes as possible and hold on to them for reference. Last week I missed service due to company, but the church office kindly saved me notes AND a cd of the sermon. They ROCK!
We also have a great church picture directory which I use all the time...but more on that in another post.

My Sermon notes binder

Here is a picture of My sister in law Eva and our Nephew Aaron as we left for church this past Sunday. Notice the crazy flower/chunky jewelry lady to the left??? Yeah, thats me...
Hey, if you can't have a little fun in life then what fun would it be??? The older I get the nuttier I get and i LOVE IT!!!!!

Oh and I think the camera added 10 pounds to my face and bee-hind!!! Sheesh... only 90 days till Sweet P. gives me my body back!


  1. Hey... I love the crazy flower and necklace!! You rock it! :) I totally have "blog fog" for months and months now... *snore* on my blog!

  2. Love the pic!
    I love your accessories!
    Is that your hubby wearing a matching tie to your accessories? Because that is where I have to draw the line.
    I would so make fun of him for that.
    Maybe I would mention prom or something clever and he would counter with something clever back.

    In fact, ask him what his comeback would be?

  3. Man is not made for defeat. A mean can be destroyed but not defeated..................................................................

  4. I had to read "Blog Frog" !! I think I'm going through the same thing !!! I'm glad I stopped by :)

  5. Your face is beautiful, you look radiant!

  6. Love your accessories! You must be a southern belle, right? :o) Your blog is great. Glad we found each other!

  7. That's so neat that your church has sermon note binders. I love that!!!

  8. You're beautiful, and carry that baby well!! :o)



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