Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up....

Thursday afternoon my sis-in-law and nephew flew in on a jet plane to visit us for a few days.
We have been having fun catching up on the last 3 years and just chatting. Saturday night we headed to my beloved downtown to hang out

Shakespeare in the Park was performing "The Merry Wives Of Windsor..."
We joined the crowd for a bit and enjoyed the show

After a bit, we headed over the smaller bridge to play in the fountains. A beautiful evening wedding reception was going on in the old mill across the River. The band played "Sweet Carolina Girl", "Brown eyed girl..." and all sorts of favorites. My kids hung desperately close by to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride. They lucked out as she stepped out of the mill with her groom for some pictures. Molly and Noah danced on the bridge.

We retreated to he other side and continued to enjoy the music floating in the air.Some kids danced near the waters edge and others played in he fountains. Some couples nearby slow danced right on the sidewalk. It was precious!

Here is my Emma who didn't let me take her picture... UGH!

And hubby's "little sister" and our nephew Aaron. She flys home in the morning... I hope it won't be ANOTHER 3 years before we see them again!

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  1. Looks divine!! I LOVE days and nights like this where you want to etch them on your heart and mind forever and wish they would never end! :)

    Hope your week is as good...



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