Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Anniversaries All Around!!!

Today Hubby and I celebrate our 14 year anniversary!!! WOW, where has the time gone? Sometimes it seems like a blink of an eye and other times it feels like forever... but in a good way. As if we were always together. It has been quite a ride since I said "I Do" thats for sure!! A good ride at that. We have had many ups and a few downs but that is what makes the ride more exciting. We have had 6 moves in 2 different states... (we moved to Sc twice!!) We welcomed 5 (soon to be 6) babies into our life and mourned the loss of 5...
He is my best friend. If he is around, I need no one else. He is the first one I run to when I want to chat or tell a secret and the last one I gaze at every night when I fall asleep.
I often think Im the luckiest girl in the world.... really!! I was just telling him this last night! I have amazing kids who keep me busy and loved. There are so many of them, I will never need anyone else as their adventures... now and in the future will forever keep me busy. I have an amazing Little Red House filled with love and laughter. Its surely not the biggest in the neighborhood or the fanciest but in my eyes its the BEST! At the end of the day, as I sit in my backyard in my beloved green chairs with my hubby, Im so content with life. I wonder what I EVER did right to have God bless me the way He has.

Yesterday we also celebrated our 3 year anniversary of moving from Long Island, NY to the SOUTH!!! Another blessing!! A decision that was covered in prayer from the start and led every step of the way by the Lord! In faith, we packed up our big black van and our 5 babies, said goodbye to everyone we knew and drove....

Look how little everyone was!!! Abigail was only a few weeks old. WOW!!! Below was our rental. We rented it on severe prayer and the internet!!! It was perfect. A precious little house that served our purpose for the time being. We ended up building just down the road in the next development over. Talk about God placing us perfectly huh!!!!

One of the first things we did when we settled in was to buy FIREWORKS!!! Something Illegal in NY but run rapid here. YAA. We had fun that first year, and every year since. =)

Here is hubby with his bag full of treasures!!!

So, to my hubby of 14 years, I love you more than words can say. You have given me an amazing life... just by being by my side.... and I love you



  1. Happy anniversary!We will be having our 13th in a couple weeks.It really is great with all the divorcing going on!Congrats keep up the good work!Hugs Marla

  2. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

  3. So, so sweet!! I LOVED reading it! Here's to your wonderful milestones that you're now celebrating! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby..I hope you have a wonderful day today..I loved reading about you today and love learning more about you..I love your little red and I have so much in common...:) I got your email and will be working on a little something towards the end of the month..gotta get prepared for the show I am doing...:) have a wonderful weekend and a very happy 4th..;)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Your picture looks like a Norman Rockwell!
    Where did you used to live on LI? Where did you land in SC?

  6. Wow! This sounds just like my family! We moved from AZ (which doesn't allow fireworks) on prayer and nothing else. We arrived to our destination in NM and bought fireworks! I also have 6 kiddos. Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Legal fireworks how cool is that?!

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