Sunday, July 11, 2010


Mckmama- Not Me Monday
I have not done a NOT ME in a while, so I thought I would participate this week since I have ALOT of nots going around!!!

I did NOT go buy myself a nice sweater cardigan at Old Navy after hubby put me on a spending freeze....

I did NOT chat with the manager as if we were old friends because I am NOT there THAT much to get to know the workers personally!!!

I did NOT wear the CUTEST, BIGGEST pink flower headband to church today, with a pink shirt, a pink bag AND pink rhinestone ribbon flip flops... With a big pink pearl ring... and wore it loud and PROUD!!!
(Now that I broke the ice with my big flower headband collection... I plan on wearing one every week and buying more. I LOVE them!!)

My van is STILL NOT FIXED and is NOT costing us $1500 to fix!!!! It is NOT!!!! ( and it better be running as good as new when all is done or we are in trouble!!!)

I am NOT already planning next years tax return AND next years vacation.... and I FINALLY did NOT convince hubby a vacation is a MUST. =D.

I did NOT over-schedule this weekend and have 2 different guests staying in our Little Red House at THE SAME TIME... and they never met... AFTER I told everyone else they were not allowed to come visit because I was overwhelmed??!!??

Hubby did NOT just see lightning strike in the same place twice... (or actually 5 times)

It is NOT pouring and thundering as if the world is coming to an end AFTER hubby watered our entire yard and gardens thoroughly.

I did NOT just lose power because of the storm and have to re-write this blog... Nope NOT ME!!!!!

On a POSITIVE note.... LORI from EVERYDAY BLESSINGS is PREGNANT!!! I just found out she is 6 weeks along because Im slow like that! I have been following her and her struggle with infertility for a while and know how much her heart yearned to be a mother. She is just the sweetest and prettiest girl and deserves oodles of happiness. Why don't you go over and just say congrats.Tell her GapGirl sent ya, She has been waiting for this moment for 5 YEARS!!!
Lori, you will be in my prayers for a wonderful.... morning sickness free pregnancy... (and for a girl cause I know you want to buy those bows!!! =)))) PRAISE GOD!


  1. Cute. I will pray your van is fixed soon. Car problems are no fun.

  2. Loved reading this! It's way too overdue for me to buy myself one of those headbands too! :)

  3. Sad but true the Target and Old Navy workers all know me by name and seem to get a little worried if they don't see me for a few days! LOL!

  4. Cute! These always make me laugh! :)

  5. Argh! I'm so sorry to read about your van problems. That's awful.

    I LOVE the flowered go girl!!!

  6. You are the sweetest ever!!!

  7. I feel your pain of having to spend so much money to get your vehicle fixed. I bought a van and in 3 and a half years we spent close to $3000 and then we got rid of it last June 27 and bought a 2007 Ford Focus and I'm loving it. Did like to van when it worked and hope yours gets back to you soon. My daughter LOVES Old Navy! Have a good day!



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