Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Sunflowers...

Last Monday and tuesday evening storms blew thru our neighborhood. They lasted no more than 20 minutes but had the force of small tornadoes. Trees were down along the roadside, power outages were plenty and much needed rain fell on a very thirsty lawn.

When I went out to survey the damages, my heart sank. All of my beautiful tall sunflowers were down, bent and damaged.

Every year I PROMISE to stake them up and every year I forget. One good storm always gets them and breaks my heart.

Last night it killed me to have to cut and trim some of them down... but there were still plenty that had life left in them.

I brought them inside and let the kids oohh and ahh over the beautiful flowers I GREW from SEED!!

So now they adorn my table, another reminder of God's beauty.

And next year, when I blog about planting my sunflower seeds... (cause you know I will)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remind me to STAKE them up!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Well at least you get to enjoy them inside for a bit longer. One time when we had one of many hurricanes go through, we looked outside after it was over and all our landscaping was shredded. It's really hard to see.
    So I guess I'll be holding you to the staking thing next year! LOL!

  2. They are a beautiful compliment to your lovely kitchen! :)

  3. What a good reminder, I need to stake mine NOW before they get blown over!

    I love your blog header, your house looks lovely!

    Thanks for your advice on my post today!

  4. So cool, I'm your 200th follower!! :-)

  5. I love your sunflowers...we still haven't gotten any sunflowers yet..;) thanks for sharing..have a wonderful weekend..glad you are getting the nicer weather.:)

  6. I love that the kids got excited over them. Way neat.

  7. Love them! We haven't brought ours home, yet, but a few of ours have fallen, victim to winds and tornadoes. Speaking of tornadoes, we're under watch right now! Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday, even on a rainy day! Good luck with the knitting!



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