Friday, July 23, 2010


Im trapped in the house again due to the extreme temperatures around here. I would show you how hot it really is BUT my good friend, CHATTY MOMMY threatened me NOT to show any more weather forecasts... (its a real feel of 110 today but ssshhh don't tell her!)

So, after leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning with my Molly to go food shopping, it was back in the house I went.And stayed... Even the curtains were closed to try and keep the sunlight out and maintain a cool temp. U-G-H.

If you know me at all, you know I require 2 things ALL THE TIME.... color AND sun. Which means the moment I waddle out of bed, one of the first things I do is throw open those curtains... every day... NO EXCEPTION! I don't close them till its dark out.

I also need color.... splashes of color everywhere. On my walls, around my house and in EVERY ROOM... LOTS of color.... So sitting in a drape drawn house is KILLING ME! But I will survive because Im strong like that. ;)

Anyway, in hopes of keeping busy and sane, I decided to sort thru Miss Sweet P.'s clothing. I have been SO blessed with literally BOXES and BAGS of babygirl clothing from friends. Great beautiful PINK things too!! So today was sort day. (well actually still is) I took a break to blog and eat donuts.

Could I be nesting already??? I am reflecting back on my list of things I MUST do before baby and feeling he motivation kick in.

So I thought I wold share, since I share everything else with you .....

Piles of 0-3 and 3-6 months...

0-3 clothes for Miss P. That need to be washed and put in her dresser. =))

My sweet friend "DiscoDiva came by today for a nice and LONG overdue visit. She bought me this CUTEST EVER monogrammed baby tote for Miss P. Isn't it the sweetest? She is the best!

The madness has spilled over into my bedroom. (notice the closed curtains?grrr) More sweet things to sort thru and organize. Hope hubby doesn't mind the chaos for a while.

And last but not least.... little booties and socks for itty bitty monkey feet. My favs are those pink UGG-like boots. I think we have them in every size just because I think all girls need furry cute boots... (yes even Momma has a pair.=)
And that is my latest insanity in a nut shell. HA!
For those of you who follow my Twitters, know I also went to Hobby Lobby last night and bought more ribbon to practice my bow making, so tonight I will set up my supplies again and me and my older girls will practice practice practice.
I'll be sure to keep you updated on the L-O-N-G drawn-out process of room switching and fitting Sweet Little Miss P. into our Little Red House!


  1. Holy cow! I really need to get moving. This post is making me feel super guilty. I haven't done ANYTHING for our little baby!!! And I only own a couple of girl hand-me-downs outfits a friend gave me! Yikes! Where is my motivation and the nesting bug!!?? Lost out there somewhere with her name.............. ???

  2. ahhhhhh so cute! i loved seeing all those sweet piles of little baby things. I miss that so very much. thanks for sharing! p.s I know what you mean about hot.....been that way here for WEEKS!l yuck

  3. Ummmm...did you say blog and EAT DONUTS!?! I miss the days of guilt free eating that only come with being pregnant....enjoy to the fullest!! (no pun intended) I miss all those baby clothes....:o( (and NO, I CANNOT have one more, so don't start!) :o)

  4. thanks for calling me out.
    Sorry it is so hot.
    At least there is AC.
    Remember life with no ac- I had a box fan until I was 20. lol
    I love little P's clothes!
    I want to dump them on the floor and swim in them.
    Did I just write that?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. How perfect do Chrissy and her little fam look?
    Can't take it.
    Can you come over and do my hair like hers?

  6. Ohh, this just made me super-excited to dig some clothes out and get something ready for this baby! Yours and my couple of months are gonna fly!! :)



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