Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafts Crafts Crafts....

Sigh, No, this is NOT my craft room although I would jut DIE if it was!! One day I know my time will come but it won't be until some of the kiddies are out and grown, so I won't rush things. Until then I will cram my crafts in bins in the closet ad in my bedroom.

Im not sure if its the pregnancy or what but Im CRAVING to do crafts... I NEED to do them. I started knitting again and that has helped a bit but my list of projects have just grown and grown.

I just might need 2 carts at Hobby Lobby when I go do my shopping... which won't be until next week. =p.

Im still on a spending freeze for a bit (remember $1500 for our van repair? UGH)

But next week I plan on getting a few things on my list t get me started on some presents/things I have planned. Wanna know what they are????

1) Paper Mache box, modge podge, pretty scrap paper, trim, buttons and glitter stone accessories. My banana was crowned HONOR STAR and wants a special crown box to hold her treasure. So, I figured I would make her one all pretty and feminine.

2) Sweet P.'s fabric for her blankets

3) Gingham fabris for some decorations I had in mind.

4) Red and white beads, pipe cleaners and felt for some cute Christmas crafts for the kids to make and hand out as gifts (attached to the gift bags of goodies)

5) Start waiting for the craft bags to go on sale so I can stock up for the holidays

So far, thats what I have on my list along with some monogramming letters and some Aprons so I can make the older girls cute aprons as part of their Christmas gift. YES, Im starting now!!! I NEED a head start. Have you counted how many people I need to shop for???

So, I can't wait! Im counting the seconds till I can bring my treasures home with me and start. Until then I will continue to knit and read that AMAZING Francine Rivers book.....

Another late night for me.


  1. I've been crafting crazy lately and I'm having so much fun. I go through stages. But right now I just can't seem to stop! LOL!
    You sound like you have some fun projects coming up!

  2. our gap girl has the crafting bug..must be the time of year..I can't wait to see what you get at your hobby lobby.;) take care.:)
    p.s.I am having a giveaway.;)

  3. I just love crafts. Mine are all cramed into bins in the closet also. It does work for now though. I have some of my Christmas crafts planned out also but I am on hold because college tuition is due for 2 kids in a couple of weeks. Ugh.



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