Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coffee Anyone??

Is anyone else as particular about their coffee as I am??

Yesterday morning, I got up early and got ready for my OB appt. I went to the pantry and opened my Maxwell House Master Blend bucket-o-goodness to find it EMPTY!!!

I knew I was low, but I was hoping there would be enough left for just one more sweet brew.

Disappointed, I stopped at my fav Dunkin Donuts for a hot cup... with specific instructions on how I needed my sweet cup. After the first sip, I knew it just wouldn't do. I wasn't surprised. I HATE any coffee that is not brewed out of my house. Is that weird??

Am I a coffee snob? You will often find me traveling with my coffee mug simply because I cannot bare drinking coffee elsewhere. TRUST ME I HAVE TRIED. Its Filled with Maxwell House Master blend brewed out of my beloved black Mr. Coffee 10 pot coffee maker. Light with 1 sugar.

Out of it comes the sweetest cup of Joe you will ever taste. At least MY taste buds think so.

Hubby is not surprised... just one of my many little quirks which.."makes me crazy...." according to him. Maybe I should pray about this??

So, please tell me Im not the only one with very specific standards on coffee... or anything else for that matter...

What things do YOU need to have "just so" to make your day shine???


  1. I am soooo with you on this one. I just told my sister-in-law, who makes coffee so strong that it could melt a metal spoon, that I am a coffee snob and only like coffee that I make. I can't stand super strong coffee or flavored coffee, not even Starbucks coffee. Oh well, that is also just one of my "many" quirks.
    BTW-Maxwell House French Roast is my joe of choice!
    Have a great day!

  2. You're not alone on this one. I like me a good cup of coffee in the morning. Made by ME! LOL! I won't even let my husband make the coffee any more. I've got it down to a science now and ain't nobody going to mess with that! HA!
    I've never had the Maxwell House Brand. It must be good if you're saying it's good!
    I use the Organic Blend from Sam's Club. It's good to.
    Have a fabulous day.

  3. Gosh, you know me. I'm a coffee-junkie and therefore will drink just about ANY coffee, although I certainly do have my preferences! Since I 'quit' caffeine I'm only drinking coffee rarely now but still will drink most any coffee when I just have to have that cup! Not all, but most. :)

    I'm an ice cream snob, though! Not just any ol' ice cream will do for me, no siree!!

  4. I used the last of my coffee yesterday and didn't make it to the store!!!! Usually, I have a bag that will have a teeny bit left in it. Not today! I'm with you on the coffee snob statement. My parents make their coffee so stinkin' strong because they put lots of creamer (powdered...gag) and sugar. I like mine black and just right.

  5. This sounds just like me! I am a coffee snob as well! If I could afford it, I would drink Starbucks brand Sumatra. I love dark roast, bold coffee! Since I cannot afford it, I settle with Folgers Black Silk with vanilla creamer and 2 Splenda...big cup of course!

  6. I laughed a lot when I've read your Post! I don't drink coffee since a year, but I have my own way for my cup of tea also!!!

    I stumpled upon your Blog and I love it! I'm a german Mom of five sons and I found any similarities.

    I'm curious to your following posts!

    Be blessed, Mariella

  7. I am a coffee snob too. I will drink it out of th house but I rarely enjoy it.

  8. Well I am not a coffee drinker but hubby is..we buy the whole beans and then grind them up..he says he will divorce me if I run out of the stuff for him..he loves that I make it for day shines with a bagel toasted with butter on one and peanut butter on the other with either honey or my newly made strawberry jam..oh and a tall glass of milk..:)

  9. I think you are my long lost sister!! So glad to find you blog!! God Bless

  10. Oh, I love my coffee too. For me as long as it is strong, I'm good! Weak coffee is a no no.

  11. Thanks! Now I need to make a cup to satisfy my tastebuds! I fell in love with Circle - K coffee. Just in case, Circle -K is a convienent store that remodeled all of its stores to have an awesome coffee corner where you can clean your mug and select from about 10 different brews and have your pick of 4 different creamers. So I come close with my love of a strong brew, plenty of sugar and a touch of milk.

  12. Yup. If I end up getting my morning Joe somewhere else, I feel like my day is not complete!



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