Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Going On???

Nothing really! I didn't even blog yesterday because my mind was BLANK! I would pull up a new post page and stare at it completely blank. All my creativity must have been sucked out of my brain or something?? I ALWAYS have something to say, but yesterday... NOPE!

Today is a bit better... but I stress bit.

So, Whats better than to keep you updated on the happenings in our Little Red House!

Tomorrow Hubby's sister and son fly in for a quick surprise visit. We have not seen her in 3 YEARS!! So, we are excited to catch up. I know what y'all are thinking... " I thought you cancelled ALL visitors???"

I DID!!! But how could we say no after 3 whole years of not chatting around the dinner table?? His sister has lived with us before and when she wasn't living with us, she was at our house daily, so its NOT really having company. She will come in and make herself right at home and cook and do all sorts of crazy things. THATS the kind of company I love. HA!

Tomorrow is also my Molly-girls 6th Birthday!!! She is STOKED! and can't wait for presents and cake and THE RED PLATE!! Woo hooo. We will be in full celebratory mode come tonight... (as we decorate the whole house in honor of he birthday girl.)

Yesterday was super boring... but after lunch I whipped out the Backyardigans Memory game and proceeded to play with the littles... to my surprise, all the kids joined in and it was a very amusing game filled with bluffing, cheating, laughing and tricking.... never thought I could laugh so hard. My kids are funny people!

Last but not least, My VAN is STILL NOT FIXED. I have been praying we get the call today to pick her up. Im having serious withdrawal. ( have you been keeping up with my twitters???)

I feel like I will never sit behind her sweet seat again and I miss her comfy cushions and roomy insides. For those of you who have EVER driven in a conversion van, you know its like driving around in a Laz-y-boy recliner. Comfy to a T!!!

Did I mention ALL of our swim gear was accidentally left inside of her??? On the OTHER side of town??? Yup. Found that out the hard way.

I must go, I just might lose my salvation over his keyboard which insists on skipping keys and not working. It might find a new home in itty bitty pieces on my lawn....

Yes, its one of THOSE days....

Xoxo GapGirl


  1. Hope your beloved van comes home soon... Happy birthday to Molly! My oldest turns 6 on the 25th!

  2. Happy birthday to your 6 year old!

  3. Newest follower!

  4. Yeah . . . I breath a deep sigh of relief!! You're a normal mom of many, with a bun in the oven, and much activity going on! My trouble is not in coming up with a post, but in finding the time to post! Thanks for being real, it is refreshing!

    Happy Birthday to your Molly! What time was she born? Jared, my third son, turns 13 tomorrow as well! He was born at 11:14 a.m. after 1.5 hours of labor!! Can you say WooHoo!?! He's "STOKED" just like her! Got big things happening here tomorrow! Check my blog for pics on Friday (that is if I can find the time to get 'em posted!!).

  5. I sincerely want your opinion on this blog entry: Especially since I know you use that book, too!

  6. you are too funny..happy birthday to your little one..and enjoy your visit with your inlaws...have a great thursday.:)



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