Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Last night we had quite a storm. Tornado watches, hail and thunderstorms rolled over my bed around midnight last night and happily kept us awake until 4. At some points thru the night I swore Jesus was returning and had opened up the heavens to shine the glory of the Lord all over the place because the lightening was THAT bright.

But it wasn't and I'm still here.

I realized I never did a weekend wrap-up  {oops} I'm sorry.

Our weekend really was great. After a week long of gray skies and rain, the sun came out. We took FULL advantage of the warmer weather. After spending time outside, we ended the day with grilled skirt steak and Ice cream. Yum!!

I think we can officially say that Spring has hit the south. All of my perennials are up and almost blooming. Our tree out front has blooms on it {finally} and my clematis has climbed my mailbox. Looks like I might even have a bloom or two in the next few days.


Our Little Red House is busy once again. Sissy is coming down for a visit in 2 days! So today we must get alot of school done so we can enjoy our time together.

The house needs to be cleaned, some food shopping done and my purses organized.

You all know how she brings me purses every time she visits right??!!

Well this visit is NO exception.

Isn't she the best?

I bet you all wish you had a sister that did that huh?


Anyway, Im going to leave you with a picture I took off the news last night. Some people in West Virginia had problems with looting, so they took the law into their own hands.

And it worked!!!

Gotta love Rednecks



  1. Bahahaha!! THat's a great sign!

  2. That sign is a riot! I'm happy to hear you guys were able to spend some time outside, that was our week too. Lots of rain :( Sounds like fun having your sister in town :)

  3. Those storms were awful! I thought my kids had slept right threw them, but I found out they were too scared to leave their room to come find me!

  4. Hey...I love your blog and wanted you to know that I am now following you! I am Chrissy @ www.thewisehomemaker.com by the way!



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