Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess What I Got???

Todays beautiful day was spent at the zoo. While all of our friends and family got buried under feet of snow, we skipped along and enjoyed the southern sun. Just another benefit of living in this great state. We were amused by the monkeys who put on quite a good show for us today. Since we are members of our zoo, we go quite often and get to know the animals quite well. Since our last visit, Mama monkey had her little baby. She was so cute and tiny and clung to her mama like a good girl should. Brother monkey is suffering from a bit of sibling jealousy. After some smacks to the head and kicks off the branches, mama seemed to get him under control. Papa monkey was going thru some of his own issues. Perhaps the stress of another furry head to the brood did him in, or the latest economic situation, whatever the reason, he seemed quite perplexed. He had alot on his mind today and spent the afternoon in the corner in very deep thought.

But the best part was that I got to take my new bestest gift from the bestest sister in the world out with me. Can you guess what it is??? Can you? Look closely and you will see....

My new black Coach purse. With gold links and buckles and clanks... with many compartments I can shove all sorts of things into. This my friends, is a rare treat for me. A luxury I don't indulge in often at all, but thanks to my big sister, she blessed me with a great purse (and a Burberry scarf)
I must go my dear friends. I have been under the weather for quite some time now. I need some much needed rest and relaxation. But I will be back SOON!!! Xoxo


  1. cool purse! I've never been into purses, though I do appreciate a nice one, I've never been able to plop down the money to get one. But, I just plopped down serious money for a camera bag, wow...what a rush! I might have to branch out into purses now...

    your purse if very stylish, congrats!

  2. mmm....cute purse! I need a sister like that!



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