Thursday, February 4, 2010


So, I get a text. Nothing unusual. My phone is forever going off. I never check my voicemail and don't even want to learn how to use my answering machine. If you want to get a hold of me then text!

So, like I said before, today I get a text. Its from my hubby. (really... its says...Hubby=). Ohh I think to myself... a picture message.... The title reads..."Look what I found..."

My brain starts racing. What could it be? SOmething for the house, shoes? books... Im so excited.

Then I open the image and up pops this.....

Oh boy... don't do this to me hubby. You know I can't resist anything furry.

His co-worker has 7 beautiful 7 week old puppies he is giving away for free.

My kids grab the cell out of my hands. The screeches and pleas start. They are out of control.

"What about the cat you wanted???"

"WE JUST WANT SOMETHING WITH FUR!!!!" They yell back to me...

Hubby says maybe

I say maybe

What do you say???


  1. YES!!!

    Our kiddos want a doggy SOOO bad...but we rent, and landlord does not approve.Oh well, maybe next duty station!

    BUT SAY YES!!!

  2. So adorable! But I'm not a doggy person. I'll love on them all day as long as someone else has to take care of them! They do their duty ANYWHERE without discretion, you can't leave them alone too long, they chew things up, they get BIG. I'm definately a kitty peson. They're practically BORN knowing how to use a litter box, can be left alone for days as long as enough food and water is available (my mom comes daily and checks on her when we are gone)and eats far, far less than a dog, and she doesn't jump and knock down the little kids, although she will use her claws to get her point accross ever now and then! But that's just me and I'm a cat person. I can see your family loving a dog!

  3. Oh I say yes, but get ready for poty teaching to puppy. Lol. Lot of hard work. I would get another puppy if my kids were a bit older. I have a 5 year old setter/lab mixture who thinks he is still a puppy and my toddlers 3 of them. Notta chance, not right now. Lol.

    Go for it!

  4. I'd have to say YES!! It's adorable!

  5. How can you say "NO" to that cute face!

  6. I LOVE DOGS! and puppies are my weakness. But look at it from you home life stand you have time for more work? would you like MORE poop in your house? then by all means...... :)

  7. That little face is hard to resist until it's tearing up your shoes, stealing pacifiers and peeing on your rug or maybe thats just my naughty dog. ;)

  8. I say yes!! It's so cute! Just read your sidenote about sending up prayers for a baby. Will definitely do that!

  9. And just think I was about to get back to you about the kitty information. Hehe. I think the puppy is adorable and it will be hard to say no to your children. I have two dogs and the poop thing in the backyard drives me nuts. It has to be picked up every time the children go out or else they can not play in the backyard. I don't want the older ones stepping in it and the little ones touching it. And of course I like to water the yard when possible to make sure the kiddos are not rolling around unseen left overs. Back to the kitty...mine hates being inside. I never had to do the litter box. I am thankful because I like cat poop outside. I also live in California though. The weather is much more milder.

  10. soo cute! Our 9 month old labradoodle is one of the best things ever! I do have to say that preparation and training made a big difference. Also, that she is an inside dog, she lives with her pack (us) and is happy, not alone in the backyard 90%of the time. Sad, lonely dogs are destructive, bark and jump.

    good luck with your decision!

  11. OMG! There would be no hope for me if my husband ever sent me a text pic of that cute little puppy! We have 3 lab mixes and they are the best :-) It will frustrate the heck out of you and it will eat things it shouldn't, and it will seek out area rugs to pee on even if you have hardwood/tile/linoleum, etc.... Oh, but they sure are the best!!!! You'll look back one day and you won't be able to picture your life or your kids childhood without him/her :-) I say go for it!!!

  12. HAHA You might as well! The kids now think they are getting one anyway. Besides..It adds excitement to the home lol. Just ask our house who is owned by a cat a dog and some fish! The dog can annoy the fire outta me. But we lost her once for 2 weeks. It was the most quiet, sad 2 weeks. Didnt realize how much I liked her till she wasnt here. But after coming back home she took back up her post sitting outside the bathroom everytime I went in to shower!

  13. Don't do it!! AHHHH Animals are too much work and not worthy of it! I know I will catch a lot of slack for that, but I am a kid person and not a mutt person. And no I do not think dogs go to heaven. I think they poop on your floor as a puppy and then as an adult dog, then the vet wants you to pay thousands to save his life.
    He is cute though! :)



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