Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Sweet Rewards...

I am a horrible blogging friend. Sweet ladies have nominated me for this beautiful Sunshine award and I have yet to post it and say a proper southern THANK YOU YA'LL!!! As my dear friend over at the CHATTY MOMMY would say... "Your horrible." Lol. Gotta love her.

Please go check out these awesome ladies who nominated me and tell them I sent ya;)

I do have good reason though, if you will be kind enough to accept my excuses... ;) Our Little Red House is BUZZING with activity. Hubbys mom and 2 sisters are flying in in just a few days from now. Its sort of a last minute trip but we can't wait. In the meantime, we must clean the house, stock the fridge and double up on school to make sure we can sit back and relax while they are here visiting. Following them by 2 days are my sissy and my nephew. They fly in right after the first guests fly out. Whew, it will be craziness for sure but fun fun fun. My nephew will get a small taste in homeschooling and my VERY NY'er sister will be adopted into the homeschool circle for the 4 days she is here. I hope she can handle it. Like I said. She is VERY NY as in C-I-T-Y! She will help me school the kids (her son included) participate in a HS literature gathering out in the country and watch my oldest get ready and perform her amazing drama for the Fine Arts festival at the end of the month. We will spend a day cooking and baking because the last full day she is here, our dear cousin and his wife arrive in town because they just MOVED to my city!! WHOO HOO. GapGirl will finally have extended family in the state. Im super thrilled for them and just amazed to see how Gods hand has been on this situation from the very start.

Sissy and I and the WHOLE entourage plan on crashing their apartment to give them a good ol southern welcome. Fried food and sweet tea aplenty ( Im serious). Somehow when you bring really good food, people don't mind large families barging in ;)

Anyway, thus begins a very busy month but nothing to fear, I will keep you posted on every activity, feast, hike, zoo trip, feud, and giggle that happens.

I also have a question for all my faithful readers....

How would you feel if my hubby wrote as a guest ? I mean, I know its my blog and I can technically do whatever I want but I want your opinion. What would you want him to write about?? What questions would you want to ask him?? What secrets do you want him to spill??

I guess thats hard to say since you don't officially "know" him. Perhaps I will introduce him to you tomorrow. Does that sound good?

Until then 5 kids need to get ready for bed and I must start preparing for a very full red house!



  1. I would love if the gapboy wrote about what he loves as a husband/father. Kids who listen, a wife with make-up or maybe a couple of moments of peace when he first walks in. I would love a gapboy top ten every week. Things he loves, things he hates, maybe gifts guys would like for valentines day..... I could go on and on. Sounds like fun!

  2. I totally was thinking about doing this too. Having my hubby write his testimony or something.....his take on being responsible for a family of 9. I am still working on it.
    I think you should go for it. Whatever he writes would be fantastic.

  3. I'd love to hear his take on having a large family, and how he has time for himself to unwind after work. And how he feels about his role as the provider for a large family, as well as how he balances work, marriage, and kids. I've never even met him (or you), but it would be awesome to get a dads perspective : ) Maybe if my husband reads it, he may see that having a large family is an awesome thing! ; )

  4. It would be fun to hear from your hubby. I say, go for it.

  5. oh sounds like fun at your house...i love people staying over. i'll have to stay tuned!



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