Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Want You To Meet Someone...

This is my Gapboy. I have written about him many times before. Brief snippets about this or that but I don't think you have been formally introduced. We have known each other since the teenage years. Back when we were two totally different people... but oh so in love. He is also my best friend. My partner in crime, my bubble burster, my provider, my reality check and my most faithful blog reader.
He's a girls kinda guy. You know, the one you were good friends with in High school. Quiet, kinda shy but says what is on his mind. He is easy to talk to and my friends get along with him with such ease. He can slip into any conversation and gives great advice... always keeping the respect and boundaries in place. He {sometimes} enjoys chick flicks but enjoys military movies more. He is patient... oh so patient with me. He never picks up his pajamas. He leaves them faithfully by his side of the bed in a crumpled mess. Everyday.For 13+years. He NEVER leaves the toilet seat up. He is a great dad and a great provider for all of us. It doesn't scare him. I sometimes think about the pressure he might have on him day to day. Thats why I try to make his time at home as pleasurable as can be. { I can only hear his laughs now}
He is a manly man. His hands are dirty. Stained from work. To me thats attractive. He can fix anything! He welds, fixes oil burners, mends leaky roofs, builds garden beds, makes washing machines work again, makes cars run, changes oil, tires, brakes, and even diapers. He re-wires lamps I find in thrift shops. He can shoot a gun. He even fixes computers so I can type away. Nothing makes him happier than the smell of fresh tilled soil, his arms in dirt up to his elbows and watching things grow. He enjoys a challenge. He is an artist. An amazing artist. Being a soldier for so long killed that part in him. I sometimes try and bring it out. I have had no luck. He drinks too much Dr. Pepper. He needs to take better care of himself. He will have lots of grandchildren to spoil and play with. He got saved the second Molly entered the world. He says that she saved him. Something about that brown eyed girl. We are like minded and for that I am eternally thankful. We don't fight often but when we do its a doozy... but im never irrational. Never ever ever. Right hun?;)

But most of all he loves me. Deeply. He is committed to me. A real man gets dirty. A real man is not intimidated by having kids. Or having more kids... or even more.... In my eyes, he is real. He will tell you like it is. He is honest. He is open. If you don't have thick skin then stay away. Its something that took years to get used to but makes me a better wife for it.

And I Love Him.

So, I hope you enjoy what he has to say. Whenever that may be...


  1. Love this blog, my friend~! YOU GUYS LOOK SO YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EARLY 20s!!!!! FOR SURE!

  2. I love you two! He is a great guy! Your children are blessed to have such great parents!

  3. Very sweet post. Perfect timing for Valentines Day.

  4. Were you writing about my hubby????
    They sound so alike.
    I loved---he's your bubble burster.
    I can totally relate.
    Loved the post.
    Just perfect.

  5. What a wonderful man, father, husband and friend! We all need someone willing to risk bringing us back to earth once in awhile, don't we!? I'm so happy that you two found each other and are building a wonderful family!

  6. You are a lucky gal - and he is lucky to have you. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  7. So wonderful! It is so good to brag on your hubby!!

  8. that is such a sweet (and honest) post! :)

  9. Awww! I tried to get my hubby to let me take a picture of him to put on my blog the other day, but he said no. It may be because he was sporting his new Iron Man underwear and would have been a tad bit embarrassed :)

  10. weird. I'm not kidding that my husband is just like yours... :) especially in the hands-on, dr.pepper kinda way... not in the quiet kind of way though.

    i love mine too :)

    wow. reading your blog is like reading... well, it's uncanny that's all.

    Amy, with five kids who also loves to shop at the gap and who has known her husband since teenage years and been married to him for 13+ years... I'm telling you, it's uncanny... it just keeps on getting worse. ;) thanks for saying hi...

  11. Soo, so sweet! I just wrote a post about my "love story"... its so fun to write about the man of the house =)


  12. How sweet! I bet your most faithful blog reader is smiling right now, planning a spectacular Valentine's Day for you! :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your blog and will be following you. Have a great weekend!

  13. I love this post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stop by on Sunday...have a valentine post. I see you married a man in AF uniform as well.....me too but I also wore one..I had a skirt!!! I also homeschooled my children..all the way thru high school and don't regret it one bit. My son is now married to a homeschooled young lady!!! Take care and happy day to you!!



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