Thursday, February 11, 2010


We are so blessed to have an amazing local Christian radio station right in our nearby city. HIS RADIO is family friendly, christ-centered focused station. Between Focus on the Family programs, prayer times and amazing music, HIS RADIO is a constant in our car and our life.
We jumped at the chance to meet up with some other HS'ing moms (we were insanely late and got our own personal tour.) and meet the faces behind the voices and the heart behind the mission.
I was most impressed with their Hall Of Faith. Letters from around the world from people of every nation who wrote them thanking them for their service. Thanks to the internet, HIS RADIO can be listened to from everywhere. This radio station, although small, has a HUGE mission field.
Although, they wouldn't let me near the mike, We had an amazing time... but between you and me, I think the kids enjoyed the fellowship time at Mcdonalds after the tour better.

Tomorrow we drive out to our friends home in the country. She is a HS'ing mom of 8 and has a soul as sweet as sugar. I can listen to the wisdom of this woman forever. I hang on to her every word. Her missionary friend from China will be in the states for only 48 hours due to a family situation. She has set aside 2 hours of her time to chat with some ladies and share her love for orphaned children. I can't wait to meet her and hear her words. Of coarse the kids can't wait to go play with ALL the kids that will be there. Oh well. Can't win them all =)


  1. Christian Radio is so happy! So cool how God uses his people to touch others lives all around the world.

  2. wow, you are doing some interesting things!

  3. I am sure you will be adopting one of the chinese orphans by the time that 2 hour visit is over! :)

  4. I enjoy reading your blog....just have to comment on something unrelated to this post. I LOVE the exterior color of your home. Beautiful!



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