Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Tax Time

Its that time of year that large families just love. Here are just some of the highlights of what we used with the money Uncle Sam has blessed us with...

As I type, the kids are jumping on this (15ft) in the dark as my patient hubby tries to assemble the netting. God bless him!
After endless hours searching for the perfect bedspread/quilt/comforter/duvet for my bed, I finally decided on this one... one that I have seen a gazillion times before on my fellow blogger friends blog at PINK SLIPPERS
My girlie girls got a whole lotta spring clothes at their fav store. Between sales and coupons I walked away with a huge bag full for only $100 PLUS $80 of store credit and Justice bucks. Can't beat that!!
SHOES! All children got much needed shoes, sandals, sneakers etc... its the small things!

Last but certainly not least.. savings! We shoved a decent amount in savings for emergencies. It sure does feel nice to have that cushion. Prayerfully it will grow and grow and grow.

Our tax "extravaganza" has not ended. Small things still need to be done. Zoo membership for homeschool, a new picnic table for the backyard.
I discovered Staples and have spent the entire afternoon labeling and sorting everything that sat still. I won't even mention the million and one things I laminated!!! Oh boy. Pure homeschool mom heaven.
Christian books also received a small chunk of money. I ordered all new school books and some books for me. A new chore chart is in place, new daily schedule, another wipe off board and a whole lot more. I take my resolutions seriously!!
Unfortunately my bible reading has suffered. I will catch up though. I PROMISE! I won't let you down. But I must leave you now. The superbowl is about to begin and I have a whole bucket of wings from Quaker Steak and Lube just screaming my name!!!


  1. It is always nice to have a cushion to fall on just in case you need it. I'm sure your kids love their trampoline. i always wanted one as a kid

  2. You get money back? How do you do that?

  3. We will pay off half of our student loans with ours. Then we'll be that much closer to FREEEEEEEDOMMMMM! ;o) Oh, sorry. That was a Dave Ramsey reference!

  4. I am soooo happy for you. Sounds like some great purchases. The trampoline was a GREAT idea. Our kids have gotten so much use out of ours...and still do.

  5. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :) Way to go you guys! This is always such an exciting time for us too! We bought our house... so I am excited for that return & Mr. T was born this year... PRAISE THE LORD!!! :) He is GOOD to us! :)

  6. Love all the stuff- but I think the Justice stuff sounds the most fun! I think some of us might hit the mall- haven't been there in years- lol.
    And your new bedspread reminded me I used to want a bed bigger than the full- will that happen this year? hmmm

  7. I gave you a blog award today on my page! :o)

  8. absolutely love your blog, and your dedication to your children, and most importantly God. great to see someone with such passion about all of those things. blessings:)

  9. very cool! Usually we get money back, but this year we are going to owe. Such a bummer.



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