Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Surprise Unveiled...

This may not look like anything special to you, but for hubby and I, this was the best thing to ever come out of a suitcase.
1 Louisiana Lightning and 1 super steak with swiss cheese. I have no pictures of the super steak since we both devoured them as soon as my dear sis pulled them out of her black bag.
Flown all the way from NY and specially wrapped just for us.
These heros are the best!! And can only be bought at a little hero shop called TJ's on Long Island NY.
The shop was located 5 minutes down the road from my old home in NY and we often would dine on these amazing sandwiches.
Anyone and everyone in the area knows about TJ's. Its the one thing thats missed for those that move far far away.
Tuesday night was a good day in our house. Our bellies were full and satisfied till the next visitor comes with a suitcase full of heaven!

Oh but thats not all she brought my friends. We all know my sissy hands out the greatest gifts. Remember my birthday present from last year?? Well she outdid herself once again and still holds the title for the bestest sister in the WORLD!!! Can you guess what else she brought me??? Something I put right near my bed so I can gaze at it while I sleep?? Keep guessing....


  1. Oh, I hope my Mom and Sister bring us down some Skyline Chili and LaRosa's and Frisch's and Mike Sell's and Montgomery Inn...

  2. Those heroes are what have given me the umm "curvy" figure I have today. LOL
    Just a guess- Did sissy get you a bag?

  3. YUM! When I visited Boston I discovered what a real sub was.

  4. I just love your red House!
    And I think I have to keep this address I`m going to NY in May so it is good to know where to go for a good meal ;)



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